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Originally Posted by Verde
*facepalms* well hello there, the new priest patch in DFO version isn't even out and you're now telling me you know more than I who have already had a couple battle crusaders in my team? by just looking at one video..? -_-

EVEN after the priest patch, they will lack sp to raise offensive skills to a decent level.. well atleast in the korean version battle crusaders are unwelcomed, they think "why add a battle crusader with limited ammount of buffs when we can add a full support crusader with max buffs? "

You don't know the difference between support build and battle build do you?
All skills can't be maxed in this game, and after priest patch approaches you'll lack even more sp.. crusader's buffs are VERY important and those offensives
arn't worth as much for lowering your precious buff's level -_-

@video- the low damage made me barf by the way :/

Oh, hello, more blatant assumptions. Shall I quote your post and point out something? You said "battle crusaders are helpless". That video doesn't look like "helpless" to me. He can fully standalone and fight.

Not to mention, that was just one vid. I can find dozens more, though I doubt you'd be worth the trouble.

And enough with this "ON THE KOREAN VERSION LOLOLOZL". Last I checked, you don't speak for the Koreans. Nor are you their representative.

Why the hell does every game seem to have some tard who goes koreanhappy...
Originally Posted by Skiegh
Can I point out that he is level 48 doing Hatchery on Expert?

I have a crusader, level 37 as of last night. I love him, I think he is immensely helpful and so says everyone he groups with. However, I'm full support but I feel I can gather some information from that on how a battle crusader would be. As shown in that video, a battle crusader is not the most wicked damage dealer and is probably more fit for soloing.

Crusaders are the most self-sufficient class in the game and as such can go through stages without ever running out of MP or HP. For a party, it's an obvious better benefit to have a full support Crusader instead of a crusader trying to be a damage dealer. While they can do good damage sometimes, it'll never really compare to other classes outside of PvP.

I do notice that Crusader doesn't have Divine invocation and if he was planning on being a solo or duo player like a battle crusader should be intending, I figure he would max it since it gives a lot of strength at high levels and thus a lot more damage. Since Crusaders pretty much wrap their play around basic attacks and Blades of purity, upping your base damage is best. (And for that reason, you pretty much become a support if you devote to buffing, that's the trick to Crusaders. The buffs are just TOO good.)

Also... do buffs last longer after that patch?

And I want to see a video of that Crusader in a stage near his level because even I have soloed expert Hatchery on my Crusader. It took forever... beating the Boss's regen was not a fun task.
Do note that stage levels change after the max level is changed. I believe he is supposed to be there around that range. However, given that I'm not particularly sure (and am currently too lazy to check) of the level ranges for some of the later stages, I don't know if i can find you a video in his level range.

I believe some buffs do last longer. Most buffs that I just checked had their durations at 2 minutes.

Edit: Just checked Divine Invocation. After patch, MP cost seems to be over 3 times what it is now (60 -> 200) and at level 1, it's half the stat buff. All that for an extra minute to the duration. You can be the judge of usefulness.

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