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Originally Posted by dotKaZE
Excuse me with my wall of text.

Now, before answering which best suits you, I'd just like to know if you're deciding the character you will main or else wise. I saw class and thought you were stuck on advancement choice, but okay.

I'm unsure what you mean by Korean style.
You may change the rules to deathmatch, or maybe do a free for all, or all-out team battle, or do individual 1v1 team fights.
To answer your first question yes I am talking about a main, I will prolly only play one toon, maybe two depending on how much time I have.

I guess that "Korean Style" was just a Lineage 2 term but basically its what I see most of the DnF videos of. You have 3 people per team and its 1 on 1 til someone loses then the next player comes in and fights the winner of the first round.