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Originally Posted by buta
If you haven't actually played the class, I hardly think you're qualified to make a blatant assumption as to the usefulness of the class.

Yes, Crusaders have support skills. That does NOT mean that they are ONLY support. That does NOT mean that they're suddenly useless and can't kill a thing. Crusaders hold their own, be it mostly after priest patch.

*facepalms* well hello there, the new priest patch in DFO version isn't even out and you're now telling me you know more than I who have already had a couple battle crusaders in my team? by just looking at one video..? -_-

EVEN after the priest patch, they will lack sp to raise offensive skills to a decent level.. well atleast in the korean version battle crusaders are unwelcomed, they think "why add a battle crusader with limited ammount of buffs when we can add a full support crusader with max buffs? "

You don't know the difference between support build and battle build do you?
All skills can't be maxed in this game, and after priest patch approaches you'll lack even more sp.. crusader's buffs are VERY important and those offensives
arn't worth as much for lowering your precious buff's level -_-

@video- the low damage made me barf by the way :/

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