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Default How to earn points through Surveys.

[For simplicity, when I refer to "surveys," I am including "free" offers and "popular" offers.]



It is possible to earn points through surveys on Ntreev's website. First, log onto and click "Free" (image below).

This guide gets you started on surveys and provides "tips" to increase your chances of being credited with points. This guide DOES NOT explain how to do any particular survey; you have to figure that out on your own. I generally do Surveys, Free Offers and Popular Offers (image below). For my own safety, I'm not liable for any of your actions, which is why, I will NOT tell you to use false information in your surveys. Figure whether to provide true or false information on your own. To check your survey status, click the green "Check Offer Status" button (image below). In my experience, the identical purple button above the green button does not work.

Expect to spend some efforts into these surveys. If you are too lazy, then you might as well give up. Nothing is really "free" in this world. In this case, you have to spend effort on tedious surveys to get points.

DO NOT PM me on ggftw regarding anything related to surveys. DO NOT whisper me ingame regarding anything related to surveys. I'll ignore any messages of those instances, and if you overdo it, I'll report you.

This is pretty obvious but DO NOT ask me to sell you points. Hah.



- Do not do any surveys requiring purchases. Surveys that require purchases state so in the survey description. They are generally the surveys that are worth over 10k. If you have to pay to get these so-called "free" points, then you might as well buy them directly.

- Do not do any surveys that require a valid credit card number. These are also generally worth over 10k points. Read the survey description to identify whether a survey requires credit card information or not. If you have any common sense, don't mess with these offers.

- Do not do any surveys requiring cell phone pin confirmation. Again, read the survey descriptions. These are also not worth it. I've never tried them but I heard that you will be charged monthly fees if you confirm your pin. I heard that even if you unsubscribe, you will continue to be charged.

- Do not do any surveys that require downloading. The downloads most likely contain spywares or adwares.

- It is probably in your best interest if you do not do surveys on multiple accounts. The website can IP-track you. If you do surveys on multiple accounts, you may be susceptible to IP-bans.


- Use a valid email address in your surveys. However, do not use your primary email for obvious reasons. Simply create a new email address on gmail or something. You NEED to confirm emails to ensure that you are credited with points. Even if you finish a survey, if you do not confirm an email, you may not be credited!

- Clear your cookies to ensure that you are credited with points. Some surveys do use cookies to track you.

- New surveys are updated roughly once a week. Since new surveys will keep coming out, the amount you can earn is almost boundless. Check for new surveys once a week.

- For efficiency, make a filter to sort out your spam. All your spam should be directed to your spam box, while all your "confirmation" + "activation" emails should be directed to your inbox (image below). For gmail, go to Settings>Filters>Create a new filter and type in keywords like "confirm" or "activate" in the Has the words box and check the "Never send it to Spam" in the next step.

- As you may realize, some companies provide multiple surveys but each survey may require a different email address. You can get around this by masking your email with something like

- It is necessary to understand that NOT ALL surveys will credit you. Yes, even if you complete a survey, you may not be credited (check out my record for examples).


My Record:

First of all, this is NOT a testimonial or anything of that nature. I do not benefit by making this guide or providing this record. There are no referral links in this thread either. This record shows you what has worked for me. Please keep in mind that just because a survey works for me, it may not work for you. And just because a survey does not work for me, it may work for you.

Here is my record on google spreadsheet:

surveys_offers.xlsx. (Again, DO NOT message me and ask me how I did this. Read this guide and figure it out on your own.)

(The statistic provided is actually understated. As you may realize, some surveys are listed more than once, but of course, they only credit once. My record also includes a couple cell phone + purchase + download + credit card offers that I do not ever intend to complete.)

Once you run out of surveys:

I've done Playspan and it has worked for me. The process is very simple and identical to the one described above. You do surveys for points. However, instead of being credited directly to your Trickster account, they email you an "e-pin" (image below). Follow the instructions in the email. Type in the e-pin on and you will instantly be credited.

And yes, it has worked for me. I have made 20k points on playspan (although only 10k is shown in the image below). Of course, you even get mileage.

To get started, go to and sign up. You need an absolutely valid email, otherwise, they cannot email you an e-pin. To further explain the process, you add "Ntreev Points" into your shopping cart. Instead of buying the Ntreev Points with cash, you use the "Ultimatepoints" that you have earned from doing surveys on Playspan.

Click on "Virtual Currencies" on the left and click Ntreev Points and you will see a selection of points that are available for purchase (in our case, we will pay with Ultimatepoints). You need 1000 Ultimatepoints to buy 10k Ntreev Points; 2000 for 20k; 5000 for 50k.

To get started on the surveys, click on the yellow button at the top-right that says "UltimatePoints Balance." Next, click on the "Get Ultimate Points" tab. Finally, click on the red "Earn" button at the bottom of the page and the survey window will pop up. In the survey window, you can click the "Free" tab to filter out all the surveys. Again, read carefully the survey descriptions before you get started.

The only inconvenience with Playspan is that you can only do a certain amount of surveys in a given amount of time. After hitting the limit, they will lock you out for a couple of hours or something.

Enjoy and feel free to +rep me.

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