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thanks for the tips! ummmmm... im on the server that was on CB... i think Jewelia... well my character suck i went for support build and im really weak... i cant do even one quest~! i can hardly stay alive...
well, thats why i hate games where stats are distributed manually... manual stats system is for smart people... ( > . > ; i mess my character up way too easily... and no matter what build i go for ill always realize a mistake and regret it... sigh... wtb Latale... ( - . - ;


OH~! I heard Monato Esprit goes OB today~ ( ' w '-

The game was buggy on CB i hope they improved that, cause the game seems intresting when unbugged...

Anyway gonna try it out when it opens~~~ ill make a Cleric d( > w <

for those that are intrested:


Edit 2-

nvm... the OB of the Russian version comes out today... ( - . - ;

Edit 3-

nvm nvm! its the ENGLISH one that comes out today... XD

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