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Default .GIF Anyone?

-Temp Unavalable-

Expected downtime: 3-4days.
Should be up next weekend. -Computer problems.

Lately I've been working on .gif's, and as I'm enjoying them (so far ^_^
I'm offering my services for you guys!

I'll make you a .gif, provided:

The images provided,
You tell me what you want your gif to say.

Currently Tested and approved Vid sites;
Veoh Vid's
....) The video is provided (A anime would be best),
*note: if you opt for the video, remember lighter scenes work often best; as well as I will need to know what time you want the scene from eg:
Time: x:xx to x:xx
(PLEASE DO NOT GO OVER 5 SECONDS! .Gif's are best sort and sweet, otherwise they wont be allowed in your sig/avatar!)

*Also try to keep your requests to one .gif, per person, per request; that way I have time to work on other's requests. Though it really isn't a limitation, and if there is no other requests then I will be more than happy to work on more than one .gif in your request.*
Thank you~

The more frames the bigger the size by the way.





So if you would like a .gif just ask in this thread ! I can do about 3-4 a night depending on what people want and how complicated their requests are. ._.;

Ask away~ ?:|

Current Status:
*Here, Ready for requests

Currently Working On (In Order):
  • Lulu's Request


-You can always ask for it to be edited, I would be happy to do so~ :/

I make .gifs, would you like one? Click on her~

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