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Originally Posted by Seim
what class are you.
There are certain ways to cheat the super insane one at old plains/vigrid if they didnt change it.
I remember at bifrost, the blue balls are out to get u, flying everywhere. I had to keep a phoenix shot for that monster spawn everytime lol..
Archer. I got a level of chasing shot but it's risky to use it when under swarms of mobs. I usually keep my phoenix for zomglaser and the black mobs that sweeps upwards from the corners of the bottom screen.

Originally Posted by 1stsim144
I thought mages can handle the mobs or knight. Summoners are just sad >_> freaking 'weapon' is so slow to protect me. ;-;

I wish the Illusion Cannon was able to rotate by itself (360degrees of protection) I mean C'MONNNN.
Depending on the fighter is not really nice when he has his hands full trying to protect you and the party from incoming mobs and bullets. I have seen fighters trying to protect me from the blue balls but dying themselves.

The rate of you getting rid of the mobs by touching it when moving downwards while shooting seems too risky all together. I think you need to be a little to the side when attempting this for it to succeed.

And when you are pretty close to the mobs while not touching it at all. The bullets they emit will be a little away from them so you won't even get to see the bullets before you die. Couple this with skill animations that cover the bullets from sight and that's how most of the WTF deaths happen.