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Originally Posted by ItsRai
Just curious, I'm going to start playing DFO, and would like some insight in how the game works.

-Combo System

How exactly does it work?
From what I've seen, it's just putting skills together, and I realize level of skill effects height, but what else?

-Super Armor
So... You can't be hit during these frames correct?, Which skills have them, and or how can you tell?

I get that 1-17 or w/e is just free for all, but after that, Is their cookie cutter builds? or Does it just vary on what you want

Just curious, any difference between builds?

I might submit more questions as they come up, but I'm just currently getting the feel
By definition, a combo is a chain of hits that cannot be broken in the middle. In which case, combos largely vary depending on the class. For some classes like the Blademaster and Ranger, the bulk of their combo is their normal melee attack string, with skills that raise height inbetween. With classes like the Soul Bender, you set several AoEs that buff your stats and paralyze your enemies, allowing you to spam your strongest skills. It really depends on the class.

Super Armor is noted when your character has a red-orange outline around them, signifying that they won't flinch. You will still take damage, but your attack will still go through. In PvP, it's a valuable attribute to some skills that allow some characters to interrupt their enemies without being interrupted themselves.

For the skill build, it also depends on the class. There's obviously some necessities, i.e. a skeleton build to go by, but for most classes, there is plenty of SP left over to choose what you want to max.

For PvP, it mainly depends on your skill rather than your build. Your build should cater to your style, yes, but skill is still the main factor here.