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OrangeJuice will become famous soon enoughOrangeJuice will become famous soon enough

>.<; If it isn't too much trouble, it might be nice to include the week's theme? Though the siggy itself should speak the theme, sometimes it's unclear (ex... a siggy with an apple could mean the theme was food, or poison, or growth, ect...), and it would be really nice for SoTWs like #7 (Joy) where the siggy is meant to relay some emotion or such. I find it intresting how diff. ppl interpt diff themes and the ideas they come up with =].

And congratz to all the winners so far! I really enjoy seeing the winning entries and they help me learn bit by bit a little more about siggy making.

And thanks Glarbage for hosting this contest. >.<;I'm pretty new at siggy making so I really enjoy this weekly challenge.