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Originally Posted by Derogate
Pure Myth for Sieg.
Definetly do not max, whirlpool sword, and mp recovery. Use Guild MP Pots or the 1k Mp pots in the shop. MP Recov is a waste of SP in myth imo.

Also you need counter, provoke for sure on siegs its a necessity.

Lunia Skill Calculator(JP)
To the bold, all I will say is, Max it if you want, its a good skill. I have had it maxed and never seen a problem. There are many posts where I dispute this skill with people (I hated this skill a long time ago too), go find them if you want a more in-depth why I keep it maxed.

Anyway, I have never once posted my Siegs build, but whatever, I don't PvP with him anyway.
Click, This is my "Myth build" which I have been using sence RB Rage came out. We have almost the same build. ^_^.

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