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Originally Posted by Shikisaurus
I see no harm,since we're at the phase of confirming winners.
If you need our attention next time,just report the thread and we'll try to help ASAP.
Ok thanks alot.

I guess I'll be changing many stuff soon, lemme update some final thingys (Except trappers one)

Edit : Updated. And I found that I can't really edit the title, guess this forum disables it.

If possible, any mods can change it for me (If the competition allows so, I hope I didn't really break any competition rule by mass changing any thing in my guide), and hope you guys graded finish before I changed, because I know this reformed guide does not count it. If you need it, I have prepared the old one's backup.

Anyway, if the name changing is allowed, kindly the mod or admin change it to The Two Paths of Archers. (If I report to change the name, and its somehow not allowed due to competition not over yet or other rules, even though confirming winners or etc @_@, kinda paranoid. Last favor to ask currently. Sorry for the inconvenience)

Thank you very much.

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