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From the day I become an archer, I will know its my fate for it. I always loved archer, and choose archer for most of my MMO games.

I'll give my thanks to the following people who inspired me early game (when I was a rookie in deciding jobs)

- Muckel ( For his hunter guide early, to make a decision on hunters or rangers)
- じ☆veㄚひ (For his/her ranger guide)
- Basthovian (Another ranger guide, well, that was the guide who made my path)

I know they are all missing in action, but at least, these made me what i'm today.

After these early guides, I made my own, and have to thanks several people too. And now, this guide for archer classes.

- Zephyre ( For contributing a little for ranger thingys)
- Xallista ( For being a pro information overload in trapper, knowing this formula and that)

and more... including people who watched my guide.

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