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================================================== =========
Training Spots
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At level 1, you will be meeting your first boss in a mission map at North/South Windia Plains.


Big Bad Wolf

Rushing - BBW will rush towards you and make you fall. Lethal to newbies.
Howling Hole - BBW will howl and suck you into his mouth. Lethal to newbies.

Grind spot? : No, complete F1 to F4 and Hero quest, then just go to Vega
At North/South Windia Plains
After that, you will be finding Vega, Silver's transformation done from a mysterious old man (Spoiler : Farrel)



Rushing - Vega will rush like BBW, and make you fall.
Howling Hole - Vega will howl and suck you like BBW.

Grind spot? : Not really, like BBW, complete the hero quest then proceed to Tutu
At Windia Flats
When you saved Silver (I suppose, dont expect me to remember for lower levels), you will get to go to Tutu when you saved a guard. He is crazy for some reason as Orc and Human are friends in the past.



Rushing - Tutu will rush you and make you fall
Spinning Attack - Tutu will spin and charge to another place, you will fall if you get hit. Predictable by looking his axe when in a charge mode.
Axe attack - Tutu will swing a axe and slash you and return back forth. Can be predicted by seeing his twitch.

Grind spot : Yes, till about level 15 probably. You should come here at around level 10 to grind.
At West Traitor Ridge
So, saving Tutu, you will go to Toto where you need to transform and beat Tutu's brother.



Rushing : Refer to Tutu
Spinning Attack (Mobile) : Like tutu, he does that too
Spinning Attack (Immobile) : This is the death pit. Always run when he show his axe movement (Can be either mobile or immobile). He will swing his axe for about 5sec, and slashing you.
Axe attack : Refer to Tutu

Grind spot? : Grind to about level 20-22, then go to white tooth
At East Traitor Ridge
You went to change job, beat White Tooth... and here are the statistic. Why would you kill a shark? He can create bombs and blow the whole Port.


White Tooth

Poison strike : Shoots a poison bullet and inflict you poison
Web : Throws a web and stops you for 3 secs.
Normal Bullet : Shoot a bullet, damage you.
Heal : He will summon an aura and heal about 1%-10% of his hp.

Grind spot? : Yes, till about level 26
At Bearded Whale Coast
Then, you went to kick his girlfriend for that crime too.


Poison Strike : Refer to White Tooth
Web : Refer to white tooth
Normal Bullet : Refer to White Tooth
Starry Rains : summon an AoE to rain starries to damage you.
Heal : Refer to white tooth

Grind spot? : Yes, till about level 31
At Steven Trading Poty
Going on, you go to Artis to stop his chaotic act of disrupting dragonica world (I forgot that part), and to seal his soul.



Homing Strike : Chase a magic orb thingy and damage you.
Stab : Take his sword and stab you
Earthshock : Strike the ground and deal damage.

Grind spot? :Yes, Till about level 38
At Miranae Sanctuary
Then, you stop night lord from awakening, and break his armor.


Night Lord

Barrier : Increase Evade for him very high, and unlikely to hit him (Can hit, at a low chance)
Lightning Strike : Summon an AoE of lightning and blast, autolock skill.
Stab : Stab you.

Grind spot? : Erm, don't even consider about it. The map of his is too annoying to complete. Do for hero quest only.
At Skypie Sanctuary
You will have to go to a cavern and defeat some moles from disrupting for whatever sake of reason (Forgot).



Hand Slam : He will open his hand and slam you.
Imbalanced Freeze (BUG) : Unknown, but by hearsay, he will freeze you, infinity, and die.
Eruption : Summon his hand and strike a large aoe with burning lava.

Grind spot? : Optional, if you wish, to 38. Map is a little annoying, but completable.
At Casadenant Cavern
After that, you have to extract Farrel's key or what so ever from some fatty acid monster.



Skill :
Poison Breath : He will summon his mouth and sneeze at you, poison you.
Body Slam : He will jump high up, and slam towards an AoE, will be shown.

Grind spot? : Yes, it will be your grind spot till late 40s. You will be seeing him at least a few hundred time (I'm not kidding).
At Valid Reath
Then, kill some bees who are stealing Libra's electrical supply.


Queen Vella


Barrier : Refer to Night Lord.
Homing Strike : Refer to Artis. Very painful , about 600 for a level 43.
Star Powder? : She will summon a powder with AoE which is slow and peaceful, but can be lethal if you stay there too long.

Grind spot ? : No, map too 'untidy'.
At Smouldering Swamp.
Then, you have to stop some berserk trees who are trying to stop and kill humans from destroying nature? Wdf?



Freezer : He will summon some spikes and if you step on it, you will freeze for about 10+ sec. VERY LETHAL, avoid that at all cost.

Forgot skills about it already.

Grind spot? : Nope, way too random.
At Ocher Forest.
After these weird bees and trees, you have to eliminate the evil Kentar who is corrupted for some reason.




Barrier : He will summon a barrier like Queen Vella and Night Lord, plus evade for a few seconds.
Dash : Dash and make you fall.
Stalactite : He will summon a stalactite (4 usually), and this is very lethal (600 per spike, 4 spikes, 2400). It's slow, but autolockable.

Grind spot? : Optional, many chose to grind at chaos map instead.
At God's Sanctuary.
From there, you have to kill some owls before killing some raccoons. Why the owls first? They keep eating mimirs, predators?



Screech : Autolock if you are in it. Scream a very wide AoE and hit if you are at it.
Fart : He will be channeling, summoning poisonous gases around him.

Grind spot? : Not really, but if you have 2 person, go to the boss map and train, 1 lures 1 hit.
From there, I have completed to here. When you need to access Aram, you need to kill Karlsberg to gain something for trust with the tribes of something.




Grind spot? : No, the map is too random, too awkward.
I'll show you the rest of the Bosses.



Eat banana : Heal some hp from eating it
Summon babies : Useless, but if you are low levelled and less evade, good luck. He summon a few level 30 monkey

Grind spot? : Nope. Map too random.


Unknown for me
Unknown for me

Grind spot? : From hearsay, its the only plausible solution to grind at 5x



Unknown for me
Unknown for me

Grind spot? : From hearsay, not a good place to train.

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