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Short Introduction about ballistas.

Tables of Content

Part 1 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
1a. What are ballistas?
1b. How to change to 3rd job?

Part 2 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
2a. Skill Description
2b. Skill Allocation
2c. Compare and Contrast

Part 3 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
3a. FAQ
3b. Ballista Sound Repack

================================================== =======
1a. What ARE ballistas?
================================================== =======

Ballistas are professionalist which can utilize their crossbow and fixed it into a position which they can shoot and snipe with more accuracy and damage, in terms of the meaning. (Not true actually, frankly with their broken 3rd job skills)

Using the term - Grenadier

Grenadiers are people who throw grenades to nearby foe, dealing large output damage and cause several effects depending the type of grenade.

Using the term - sniper

Snipers are people who can snipe foes well for great damage, but low speed (high cooldown) at far range.[/QUOTE]

Skill Build to be at lvl 60 (IF YOU followed my first post, and if you decided to save that 50 sp [MAY NOT BE ACCURATE]

================================================== =======
1b. How to change to 3rd Job? (BALLISTA)
================================================== =======

1. Finish hero quest segment till Farrel's Diary at level 32. From there, you must talk to Pablo after finishing the quest to get the pre-3rd job quest, which is ' Fight to the death against Drakes!'

2. Invite people who can kill Lavalon to party, it isn't easy to solo. Before that, go to Vaild Raeth's top part of the map.

3. Finish the room quest, blah blah (go search on Strategy's forum for guide)

4. Kill Lavalon by killing mob that drops mana bullet, charge it and stun him. Only stunning him can deal damage to him, otherwise no. After Patch 1.0.1 from IAH's server, You need 2 mana bullets to initiate a charge.

5. After killing, talk to Pablo to complete quest. Now, go to Smoldering Swamp and achieve 200 combos (its easy as pie, dont worry), go back, change job, and done!
================================================== =======
2a. Skill Description
================================================== =======

Focus Level 1/5 or 5/5 -

Increase critical rate of 1%/1.5%/2%/2.5%/3%. Base critical rate

After a few people's research about this skill, focus's critical rate is BASE critical rate, which adds a solid 3 to your total critical rate. Max it if you are a critical damage user, level 1 if you don't really focus on critical. Up to your decision

Flashbang Level 1/5 or 5/5 (PvP) -

Blinds foe and render him immobile. In PvP, foe screen is blinded with whiteness.

You are not a pvp-er, so keep away from this, besides if you miss the boss, and you decide to throw this, good luck to you, you should know boss cannot be affected by status ailment. In PvP side, it is a good skill, because it will make the person blind (Screen turns white, and character is unable to move, immobile), however, the AoE radius is still poor.

Caused Bomber Level 1/5 or 5/5 -

Decrease Def and Mdef of foes.

IIRC, cooldown is 5sec, and have same damage as fire grenade, blast this to foes, reduce their def, and strike the horde of mobs with gatling rush, potential combo, quick kill (If you leave mobs in tatters with gatling rush, throw this to reduce def and end their puny lives). However, the grenade is poor at AoE, gather in a spot and then throw, otherwise you are going to hit one.

Fire grenade Level 2/5 -

Burns foe with low damage per second, and decrease total max MP from foe in PvP

Pre-requisite for Carpet Bombing, nothing more to say. Fire grenade, have a long cast time, pathetic damage and of course, the AoE... erm... is better, since it is like Arrow Shower's AoE, frankly speaking. It's the only grenade which have a wide AoE, but don't learn because of its cast time and 10sec cooldown.

Carpet Bombing Level 5/5 -

Call in airstrike, and devastate a large area with bombs to launch foe up

Camo + this makes a good sneak attack on foes, since camo from hearing people saying camo, when cast skill, 1sec it will cloak before it vanishes. This skill needs charge time, so camo and then cast this, to arouse mobs and bang! In PvP, it is a scare tactic when you are in camo mode. People will think you are trying to use Carpet Bombing, and run away. As I'm not a PvP player, I cannot give you hint how to make them fall into your trick.

Additional lining Level 1/1 -

Adds another line for carpet bombing (Refer below)

Adds 1 more line to your carpet bombing. For carpet bombing, you only could blast 1 line with 6 bombs, with this, you can blast 2 lines with 12 bombs, it is just an AoE improving skill.

Eg. (X - Bomb, O - You)
XOXXXXX - Without Additional Lining


Autoshot System Upgrade Level 5/5 -

Increase Autoshot System's power.

Useful tool. Increases damage by a lot. However, like in the description wrote that it increases the tank's ASPD, but in reality, it don't. Learn it, because it is the few skills for ballista which is useful.

Vulcan 300 Level 0/5 -

Summons a tripod looking cannon splitter to devastate foes linearly.

Ballista's top skill, ever. Have long cooldown, laughable damage, a support structure, and eats 20sp for this.

Credits to NobleRoar in IAHGame's Dragonica Forum for providing me with this picture.

Camouflage Level 1/5 -

Turns yourself translucent, but to others, transparent (invisible)

Not a pvp user? Dont max it, since I have some extra sp, so add this to level 1. Minimum must add it to at least level 1 for adrenaline. Good skill with Carpet bombing. Camouflage is essential in PvP, a good PvP user can allure his foes and spring an surprise attack on him.

Adrenaline Level 0/5 or 5/5 -

Increase Attack Speed

Lessen skill frame and your movement cast delay. Nice skill to add if you have guild buff + wt hat, 10% with guild buff only make me feel faster, what could there be if there is 75%? (35% from this + 10% love and +10% guild + 20% whitetooth hat).

Atropine Level 0/1 or 1/1 -

Curing poisons

Learn this skill for fun, at least for me.
Frankly speaking, from hearsay, Atropine does not cure Boss poison (Like Sambaba's Poison breath), but cures only normal kind of poison.
Bonus : Video about Ballista

================================================== =======
2b. Skill Allocation
================================================== =======

For people who had used my build, until left 50sp, then follow this build, if you wish.

Level 40 - Focus LvL 1 (capped) ; ASS upgrade lvl 1
Level 41 - Flashbang Lvl 1 (capped) ; Camouflage lvl 1
Level 42 - Caused Bomber Lvl1 ; Adrenaline lvl 1
Level 43 - Fire Grenade Lvl 1
Level 44 - ASS upgrade lvl 2
Level 45 - Fire grenade lvl 2 (capped) ; caused bomber lvl 2
Level 46 - Carpet Bombing lvl 1
Level 47 - Additional Lining lvl 1 (capped)
Level 48 - ASS upgrade lvl 3 ; adrenaline lvl 2
Level 49 - Carpet Bombing lvl 2
Level 50 - Caused Bomber lvl 3
Level 51 - Adrenaline lvl 3
Level 52 - Carpet Bombing lvl 3
Level 53 - ASS upgrade lvl 4 ; Caused Bomber lvl 4
Level 54 - Adrenaline lvl 4
Level 55 - Carpet Bombing lvl 4
Level 56 - ASS upgrade lvl 5 (capped)
Level 57 - Caused bomber lvl 5 (capped)
Level 58 - Adrenaline lvl 5 (capped) ; Carpet Bombing lvl 5 (capped)
Level 59 - save and put any skill you like
Level 60 - save and put any skill you like

2ND build (Focus maxed, drop caused bomber)

Level 40 - Focus lvl 1 ; ASSU lvl 1
Level 41 - Flashbang lvl 1 ; Camouflage lvl 1
Level 42 - Adrenaline lvl 1 ; Fire grenade lvl 1
Level 43 - (Save skill point)
Level 44 - Focus lvl 2 ; ASSU lvl 2
Level 45 - Fire grenade lvl 2
Level 46 - Carpet Bombing lvl 1 ; Adrenaline lvl 2
Level 47 - Additional Lining lvl 1
Level 48 - Focus lvl 3 ; ASSU lvl 3
Level 49 - Carpet Bombing lvl 2
Level 50 - Adrenaline lvl 3
Level 51 - (Save skill point)
Level 52 - Focus level 4 ; ASSU lvl 4 ; Carpet Bombing lvl 3
Level 53 - (Save skill point)
Level 54 - Adrenaline lvl 4
Level 55 - Carpet Bombing lvl 4
Level 56 - Focus lvl 5 ; ASSU lvl 5
Level 57 - (Save skill point)
Level 58 - Carpet Bombing lvl 5 ; Adrenaline lvl 5
Level 59 - Spend whatever you like
Level 60 - Spend whatever you like

================================================== =======
2c. Compare and Contrast
================================================== =======

Critical Damage and Critical Rate, which will you choose?

We do not know our base critical rate, name critical rate as 'B'. Formula for critical rate is

B x (100% + critical rate items)
Example, you have 10% critical rate from your equipments, therefore B x (100% + 10%) = B x 110% = 1.1B, conversion rate of 1% for base critical rate = 0.01B. Let say your base critical rate is 1, means every 100 shot, you deal 1 critical shot. Increase 10% critical rate, = Base x (100% + 10%) = 1.1B = 1.1 critical shot. The increase is not much, but if you have a natural high critical rate, then you may consider about this

Whereas Critical Damage deals 2 times more than a normal damage. Formula for critical damage is

2x Norm. Attack X (100% + other critical dmg items)
For example, you have 50% critical damage from your weapon, and your base damage is 1000, you will be dealing a critical, meaning 2x normal attack to 2k, however that is not the case, with additional 50% critical damage, you will go 2x norm. attack x (150%) = 3x norm. attack for a critical.

Due to the fact that critical rate occurs lesser for ballista, around 1/10 per critical at level 50, and the formula for critical rate is not that good if you see, critical damage is more preferred as ballista are known to deal burst damage.
Go for full set or full chaos set? (2:2:2 or 4:2 is opted out here, because the stat gain isn't that good)

If you are a PvE type of person, you may consider to choose full set instead of full chaos set. Due to the critical damage for having full set, and with weapon and back stack, ballistas are able to dish out perfect damage for critical hits if you stack critical damage.

If you are a PvP type. You can choose full chaos set or any other combination you think of. As full chaos set provides ACC and evade which is vital for pvp-ing, you may hit better to some high evade jobs and people hitting lesser to you due to having a higher evade.

================================================== =======
3a. FAQ(s)
================================================== =======

Q1 : Why did you mention Vulcan 300 is a crap skill.
A1 : Cooldown : 120sec. 6 shots for 3sec. DMG 120% at max level. Total damage dealt : 720% dmg at 3 foes for 3sec for 120sec cooldown. Get it?

Q2 : Why no fire grenade?
A2 : Sure it does damage to more foe, but the status ailment suck, and it truly suck, even at PvP

Q3 : Which grenade for the skill tree is better?
A3 : Personally, all the 3 grenades have its own pros and cons, like Fire Grenade is the only one with wide AoE, but useless because of its pathetic damage, cooldown + Cast time. Also, caused bomber have a pathetic AoE, but nice status ailments, Flashbang is certainly useful in PvP. It is all lies within your choice.

More to come, if there is more question that i feel may come out, or asked

================================================== =======
3b. Ballista Sound Repack
================================================== =======

Download my custom skill sounds HERE, if you dislike your skill sound for ranger and ballista, that may provide another alternative to hear different sounds.

Go to IAHGames > Dragonica > Sound > PC_Sound > Skills and replace the download file onto it. Backup if you deem.

If you dislike the new sounds, revert back to the old sound by downloading this file HERE.

Note : After noticing that every new patch will auto reinstall your replaced files, and put them into caps.

Solution to put back the repack :

Delete all the skills that we put in affected, like CARPETBOMBING, if it is being replaced, then replace it with the repack.

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