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Short Introduction about rangers.

Tables of Content for rangers
Part 1>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
1.1 What is a ranger
1.2a How to be a ranger (Old style)
1.2b How to be a ranger (New style)

Part 2>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

2.1 Short skill allocation of an archer-ranger build
2.2 Ranger Skills
2.3 My ranger build to be at level 40
2.4 Combo-ing

Part 3>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

3.1 FAQs
================================================== =======
1.1. What is a ranger?
================================================== =======

Probably you may think of maplestory, where ranger is a fire-elemental bow wielder, etc. However, in this game, Rangers are..

Part of an elite Special Ops force, speedy and disciplined Rangers easily top the chart for highest attack-rate in Dragonica. Having survived the harsh training required for entry into the force, they have become masters of military tactics and elevate the common crossbow into a weapon of mass destruction.
Yes, quoted in the DGN's homepage. Summarizing it : Ranger are high-tech people who uses crossbow to deal great outburst damage at a single go with their skills. They are quite modernize in their skill, using tanks as support.

However, that comes with a price, long cooldown. Make sure you can wait for the cooldown, cause it will be so LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG, ya really.

Ranger are designed to be more of PvP type, but they can be also PvE faced type.

================================================== =======
1.2a How to be a ranger? (Old style)
================================================== =======

1st. Talk to your bow instructor (Located near the soul craft NPC, or in bearings, 245 degree.)

2nd. Hunt 20 ranger scrolls from monster at bearded whale beach. Well, the drop rate is 10%, so you probably need to kill 200, or lucky, maybe few.

3rd. Give the scroll, and do F4 toto, find a decent party and down it fast.

4th. Now he will reward you with a gas mask, use it, cause you will have to fight farrel. Go fight farrel!! YAY, but dont solo it at lvl 20.

5th. Find ANOTHER decent party, recommended one lvl 25+ above. Your main job is strike and run when at farrel, but not so fast, hunt 5 keys.

Fire, Water, Wood, Iron, and Earth.

6th. Go to his maze, and go to different rooms to kill the mini boss to get the keys.

7th. Give leader all the keys, go in to the boss.

8th. Kill Farrel, and you are done.

Note that farrel have 2 attacks, rush attack, and hulk smash. When he rush, his feet will start to act up and blast you off in a range when he charge.
Hulksmash... He jumps up and smash into an aoe, lethal to newbies at early 20s.

================================================== =======
1.2b How to be a ranger? (New style)
================================================== =======

1st. You gotta talk to your job instructor for hunting 20 ranger scroll.

2nd. After getting it, go back and talk to him.

3rd. He will instruct you to find White Tooth/ Capt. Hookah F2 and devastate him.

4th. Return, and kill him again at F4.

5th. Change job. The hero quest related to Hookah is no longer available at lvl 19, but after job change, in some process.

================================================== =======
2.1. Short skill allocation of an archer-ranger build (at level 20)
================================================== =======

Rising shot lvl 4
Anti-Air shot lvl 5
Shootdown lvl 1
Bow Mastery lvl 5

You will need lots of skill point later on, trust me, at late 30s. Due to the fact that Autoshot System have the most skill point for a 5 level skill (Exclude Untouchable for trappers for having 60SP)

================================================== =======
2.2 Ranger Skills
================================================== =======

High Explosive Grenades (H.E. Grenades) Level 5/5

Toss 1/1/2/2/3 grenades made of gunpowder to devastate a number of foes.

You should max this even though of the mana cost disadvantage and the pathetic amount of AoE. It deals roaring damage compared to most of our skills, except Gatling Rush. To several foes, you can demolish them without trouble if they stack together and terminate their rampage.

At level 5, throws 3 grenade to 7 fallen or standing monsters.

Composite 4 Level 1/5 or 5/5

Increase gunpowder's effectiveness in grenades by harnessing it's potential, increasing damage.

You can add this to maximum level, of 22% dmg per grenade, which is a whooping 66% dmg for 3 grenade. Alternatively, you can add this to level 1, which adds 30% dmg for 3 grenades. You wouldn't want to spend 36% additional damage with 60SP, would you? Make your choice.

At level 5, it adds 22% + 180 damage PER grenade. A.K.A 66% + 540.

Crux Shot Level 1/5

Increase damage for next skill.

Useless as it seemed. The Gatling + Crux shot rumor is FAKE, it does not add all shots of gatling rush for the damage, thus it is useless. It affects only the 1st shot of any skill that does not replicate (Replicatable skills - Wolf Rush, like hitting 5 times of the same damage)

At level 5, it adds 20% additional damage to the very first damage of a skill.

Random Shot Level 1/5

Shooting continuously with delay for 2 arrow at 2 fast goes.

Do not ever max this, leave level 1 for gatling. Due to its shooting delay and uselessness, as above, don't max it.

At level 5, shoot 2 continuous time of 30% + 250 additional damage.

Gatling Rush Level 5/5

Fire at a brazen speed with a machine gun to a wide array of foes.

Max this ASAP, this will come first no matter what happens. Shoot 11 times to 6/7/8/9/10 foes at a go with 10sec cooldown. Damage is superb by 130% damage per shot, with the duration lasting a second. Wide AoE. The best second job skill ever made, 1st ranked.

At level 5, shoots 11 bullets to 10 standing or fallen foes within a split second of a damage of 35% + 300 per bullet.

Homing Missile 1/5 or 3/5

Bounce launched foe with damage.

Shoots a missile from a rocket launcher directly above yourself, to strike 2/4/6/8/10 foes up to the skies (must be launched). Thus, they will bounce back a little bit, and continue a chain of AAS. Level 3 launches a little higher, though not significant.

At level 5, shoot 10 aerial-ed foes and bounce back a little.

RPG-7 5/5

Fires a rocket to ground foes and launch them to the skies.

You should max this, because its our only alternative launcher from our whole lives, even our future job - Ballista. Hits fallen foe at level 3, and fully launch them at level 5. At level 1 and 2, its a damaging skill, at level 3 and 4, fire at point blank to AAS a few times.

At level 5, shoots a rpg7 to 7 standing or fallen foes to the maximum peak.

Acceleration Tuning 0/5 or 1/5 (beautifying skill tree)

Increase damage of RPG7 and Homing Missile

As above. Do not learn because it is far from significant. RPG7 for launching, we don't need damage, and homing missile is to blast foe up. You can learn level 1 for increase damage a little.

At level 5, increases 13% + 200 damage for RPG7 and Homing only.

Autoshot System 5/5

Summon an immobile tank to assist you in fighting.

Max this even though the SP disadvantage (35 SP), because it is used for monster control when there is a horde of it. Also, it can be used for boss fighting. Last approximate 21sec when maxed, and blast 350% damage per second to 3 foes, with a 49 second cooldown.

At level 5, last for 21 sec with a 350% DPS at a wide range to 3 foes.

Aerial Fluffy 0/5 or 1/5 or 5/5

Stay airborne and fire a fluffy of arrows to foe, one at a few goes.

You can max it if you are an evasive user, to stay airborne most of the time in boss battle. Alternatively, you can don't learn it if you are concentrating at damage.

At level 5, shoots 5 consecutive times of arrows.

================================================== =======
2.3 My ranger build to be at level 40
================================================== =======

If you planned to have my build for archer, at level 40, your skill point would be 780 - 210 = 570

For 570 skill points...

H.E grenade Lvl 5
Composite 4 lvl 1
Crux Shot lvl 1
Random shot lvl 1
Gatling Rush lvl 5
Homing Missle lvl 1
Acceleration Tuning lvl 1
RPG-7 lvl 5
Autoshot system lvl 5

If you followed my archer and ranger's one, you should probably have 50 spare points, up to you to save for ballista (it sucks) or up other skills (rapid step;aerial fluffy). It's your choice.

Level 2 Level Guide

summary : Get gatling rush asap,must get it at lvl 23, then try to focus on rpg7, H.E grenade, and ASS + Gatling rush.

Level 20 : Crux Shot LvL 1 + Homing missle LvL 1 (SP left : 160)
Level 21 : Random Shot LvL 1
Level 22 : RPG7 LvL 1
Level 23 : Gatling Rush LvL 1 + H.E grenade LvL 1
Level 24 : Autoshot System LvL 1 + Acceleration Tuning LvL 1
Level 25 : Composite 4 LvL 1 + RPG7 LvL 2 (SP left : 95)
Level 26 : H.E grenade LvL 2
Level 27 : Gatling Rush LvL 2
Level 28 : RPG7 LvL 3 + Autoshot system LvL 2
Level 29 : H.E grenade LvL 3
Level 30 : *save skill point*
Level 31 : Gatling Rush lvl 3 + RPG7 lvl 4
Level 32 : Autoshot system LvL 3 + H.E grenade lvl 4 (SP left : 35)
Level 33 : *save*
Level 34 : RPG7 LvL 5
Level 35 : Gatling Rush LvL 4 + H.E grenade lvl 5
Level 36 : Autoshot system lvl 4
Level 37 : *save*
Level 38 : *save*
Level 39 : Gatling Rush LvL 5
Level 40 : Autoshot system LvL 5 (SP left : 50)
You may utilise your skill points for lvl 40. If you wish to change little stuff, then go ahead (Aerial fluffy, you can add that anytime you want, but it will screw my build if you want to add it to level 4, 3's the maximum, 45sp eaten = 5sp left)

Complete. Actually, this guide from me is somehow planned after knowing some stuff that I dont know, I apologise for that.

Note: Try to keep the skill point for 3rd job, if you want. You will still need some sp for the future job

================================================== =======
2.4 Combo-ing
================================================== =======

You probably think ranger's combo is only rising shot + aas, but there are more combos, though most are related to rising shot + aas

1st combo - For killing few monster instantly (Provided all monster stack)
H.E grenade - > Gatling Rush to eliminate target

2nd combo - Launching more enemies in a short time and strike with AAS
RPG7 -> Rising shot quickly to foes -> AAS/Homing missle then AAS

3rd combo - Short relaunch (temp. relaunch if rising/rpg is in cooldown)
Shootdown at point blank -> AAS/Homing then AAS

================================================== =======
3.1 FAQ(s) may be commonly asked
================================================== =======

Q: Why don't we max rising shot?
A: There is a lesser chance of probability of hitting 6 foes in a row (though RPG7 is required to be maxed for launching effect, as level 4 is just slightly send foe into air, very low). At level 4, the height is at maximum peak, so you can strike more AAS onto a foe.

Q: What is ASS and AAS?
A: ASS (Autoshot system) ; AAS (Anti-aishot). Their name is confusing sometime though.

Q: Bow Mastery.. Hmm.. I feel its useless at high levels, my weapon can uber pwnz0r em.
A: Go ahead, save your skill points, personally i feel its a waste of skill point at higher level, but since we have nothing to add, why not?

Q: Multishot, many people recommend them, why dont you?
A: Cast time, pause you for a second. Monster hit you you get interrupted. Damage alot to boss, but SP is too much for my build, 100 is quite alot. H.E grenade can substitute as this, although it eats a higher mana and more cooldown.

Q: Your guide have some mistakes, i feel this and that.
A: Please pinpoint out, if there is a flaw in description, then i will try to change it.

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