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Originally Posted by Yumiko
I know it's old, but PvP in DFO means nothing. Anyone claiming to "own" with any character, unless it's a low-tier one like Elementalist or something against a high-tier character like an Exorcist, is nothing but words and words themselves. Still need the huge HP buff and the 1/5 damage nerf to all damage in PvP. AKA, a Magic Missile hits 9k~10k in DFO PvP. In kDnF, it hits 2k.
No idea what you're talking about. I see Magic Missiles dealing ~3k in PvP. PvP dmg is also nerfed compared to dungeon dmg. For example, the Ranger's lv 1 Multi-headshot is 400% Physical Attack in Dungeons. It's only 80% in PvP.

In fact, I would argue that people do more dmg in kDnF than in DFO. I've seen Blademasters in tournaments do ~1k per X attack in PvP because of how more people have rare items in kDnF. In DFO PvP, Lightsabre Blademasters deal only around 400 or less per hit.