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Originally Posted by kale15
it's not recommended to have a zero in any of the stats, unless you want absolutely no skill slots for that type of skill. The stat number determines it's skill slots E.G. if it has a 5 in power it will have 5 power skill slots.
A few questions for ya...

1. Does this mean that regardless of the type of Guardian you get, you will be able to mix and match first job skills from all of the different classes (Power, Magic, Sense, charm)?

For example, if you have 6 power 2 magic 1 sense 3 charm (these are just made up) does that mean you can get 6 power skills, 2 magic skills, 1 sense skill and 3 charm skills on your guardian?

2. Does each skill level up in the same way as regular skills? Do they have the same max level and stats? Also, does each skill use 1 slot regardless of the level of the skill? For example, one first job power stat would use 1 slot, even if it's master level? Lastly, do these skills use up your characters TM?

3. Are you able to master these skills and if you can, do they require the same cards / items to master as they normally would?

4. Guardians can only learn first job skills, right?

5. Do the skills that the Guardians learn only apply to the guardian? Like, if you were to have a Guardian with buffs such as Lucky Seven, would your character get the buff or just the Guardian or both?

Also, are active skills such as Shockwave that are learned by the Guardian used by the Guardian, or by your character?

6. Are there any restrictions on which first job skills that can be learned or can you learn any of them? For example, could a non-sense type character learn Gun Carrier? If so only one thing to say:


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