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Originally Posted by Mikeall
This is so confusing, I'm not expecting a specific person to answer this, but uhh.. if you train it before it hatches, it gets a higher stat? So the longer its in the seed the stronger it is?

If that's true, can it be train after it hatches?
no. u train just before, isnt possible to train after.

Originally Posted by NekoVic
Well, when i use the guardian, my status will be fused with guardian's status?
no,they have their own stats.

so, basicaly u have the stats of their grown (when its in egg form) plus some points to put (like a normal chara).

BUT the last images show 4 free pts, and this last posted one have 5... (1 power, 1 magic, 1 sense, 2 charm)

and heres my question:

each stat growth is separetede right? if i just keep attacking, using skills, drillng compounding, poting... evertything ll be increased right?

but theres a way to know which guardian i ll get then?

or ll i have to control it by doing somehing for a day or 2...? (like after put a driller pet, do the thing the kale said bout the MP acessory to mp pots, hp poting, attack for a few hours...)