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Originally Posted by Note
ok I got a question.. I've seen summoners in youtube that have both puma and rage.. how the hell they can get a skill from conjurer and tamer all together.? @_@
Job change. It allows you to have skills from both your initial job and the one you've changed into. However, once you change your job, you can't level your old skills. Thus it's wise if you max out the skills you need first before changing your job.

Originally Posted by Amanda
If you did the tut, you'd know you can change jobs. o-o

You need certain stats to change to another job.

You can just get the skills from a conjurer, press x, pay 7kGran to change jobs, and you get to keep your skills.

Not really. It depend on your level. My level 14 sorcerer needs 9.1k to change his job.
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