Thread: [Stage] Classes and usefullness
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Depends on who im playing as. But usually...

Kali > Eir > Arien > Yuki > Dacy > Lime > Ryan > Dainn > Seig > Tia > Krieg > Asuka

Of course skill plays a large factor in this too... Pros will always be preferred over newer players.

The reason i have Kali at the top is that her mana heals and slight hp heals coupled with amazing pushes (and a 200+ str buff when RB) makes her very usefull in all parties. Heck, she even has a few spells that make the enemies sleep and she even has an aoe freeze... to top it all off theres also the skill that turns teammates into skeles, they are INVULNERABLE as skeles (and they heal mana/hp). Kali + Arien/Dacy/Yuki + Arien/Dacy/Yuki + Eir/Krieg = ...

Too bad dont see Kali's around often.