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Originally Posted by BliztForever
I see...thanks for your opinions.

But about the bolded part, I still kinda think the time limit does matter D:

In theory, if I was the buyer and wanted to use the catalyst immediately after purchasing, then buying a 2 days' remaining time catalyst with the same price of 6 days' one isn't really any different to me.

However, don't human tend to avoid stuff that may be good but with just a small not-a-big-deal defection? (not sure if the word defection is correct)

For example like if you're buying a PS3 game: there are 2 boxes for u to choose, both are the same price, both boxes' CD inside are perfectly fine, however box 2's cover seems to have a little scratch...maybe some buyer just want to play the game inside that they don't care about the little scratch that much, but it would seems most buyer would still tend to choose box 1 where everything is 'perfect' no? (even tho there's really hardly any difference)
from my experience a 2day one and a 6day one sell for the same price roughly
if the catalyst becomes 1 day, u can still sell it the same price if you are lucky, some ppl will wait for your 1 day to go down to hours, and offer you a lower price, if you refuse you are risking not being able to sell it or getting an even lower offer later on

as for your example, they would choose the perfect one..
but that's going at a normal rate

ingame has idiots(or smart ppl) but i like to call them idiots who sell above the normal price hoping to find a desperate buyer. They are the ones that set the normal price though. since their prices are higher anything below will sell faster.
timeless items can be sold for many days since there's no risk of losing anything so their prices can be higher and they can lower slowly or whenever they need money.

when they put the free market into lunia the prices will be more normalized.. since u pay a 1g fee for everyday u leave it up there.. so. if u try to sell higher than normal hoping for a desperate guy u lose money