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Default Guardians

Trickster Guardians: A FAQ guide

Table of Contents:
1. Things to prepare before the guardian patch
2. The guardian related quests
3. How to grow your guardian and why
4. Skills your guardian can obtain

1. Things to prepare before the guardian patch

Card Identification Skill - lvl 65; 1 of each of the Arcana Cards; 5 Harkon Shards.
Soul Seed Quest - lvl 135; some tell me you must be 3rd job, I cannot confirm this as my characters were all 3rd job before the guardians; Access to the Trickster Shrine on Mirage Island, atleast episode 3 chapter 1 completed maybe alittle further as the first NPC in chapter 2 is the light filled egg.
Guardian Awakening - lvl 180, not sure but some have had issues starting with this being under lvl 180; for sure 3rd job; 1 Harkon; 1 Honey Tea.
Shadow Sight Skill - 1 Popeyed Anemone Card.

2. The Guardian Related Quests

Card Skill Quests - Lvl 65

1st - Poppuri Dungeon 2 - Cowardly Poppuri - Transportation to Poppuri Dungeon Mystery Space

2nd - Poppuri Dungeon Mystery Space - Fairy Nono - Ask for a Trickster Mark
- Gives the Card Identification Skill; 384,100 EXP; 427,935 TMEXP

3rd - Poppuri Dungeon Mystery Space - Fairy Nono - Asks for 4 different Emblems - Gives a Trickster Emblem; 384,100 EXP; 427,935 TMEXP - Ports you to the series of exams

4th - Poppuri Dungeon Exam of Courage - Tester of Courage - Asks you for 1 Power Arcana Card - Gives 10 Half Pink Potions; 10 Half Blue Potions; 1 Revival Flower; 384,100 EXP; 427,935 TMEXP

5th - Poppuri Dungeon Exam of Courage - Tester of Courage - 1 Minute to kill 1 lvl 80 Monster; 368,243 EXP, 410,268 TMEXP

6~7 - Pretty much the same except for magic
8~9 - Then for charm
10~11 - Then for sense

you will then have the four emblems to make the trickster emblem

12th - Poppuri Dungeon 3 - A Sleepy Poppuri - Asks you for 1 Trickster Emblem and 5 Harkon Shards - Gives a Trickster Mark; 384,100 EXP; 427,935 TMEXP

13th - Poppuri Dungeon 2 - Cowardly Poppuri - After you learn the Card Identification skill talk to the Poppuri that ports you to Fairy Nono and he'll give you a card pack with 3 cards in it.

Soul Seed Quest - Lvl 135 (maybe 3rd job)

1st - Trickster Shrine - Light Filled Egg - Ports you to Spirit of Nefertiti.

2nd - Room of Light - Spirit of Nefertiti - Asks for 1 True Soul, 1 Seed of Life, 1 Power of God - 1 Soul Seed, 1 Guardian Sympathy Guide; 2,013,276 EXP; 710,832 TMEXP - ports you to Eclipse

3rd - Spacial Crossroads - Talk to Eclipse and port to the zone you need to be at.

4th - Vampire Castle Reception Room - La Vida - Asks for 50 souls, 10 from Iron Knight, Brass Knight, Bone Magician, Bone Warrior, and Bone Fighter each - Gives True Soul; 2,013,276 EXP; 710,832 TMEXP

5th - Repeat 3rd with Swamp Map

6th - Swamp Zone of Life - Frog Prince - Asks for 60 Seeds, 15 from Mud Bigfoot, Cobra Flower, Tooth Flower, and Lotus Wormhole each - Gives Seed of Life; 2,013,276 EXP; 710,832 TMEXP

7th - Repeat 3rd with Rose Garden Map

8th - Garden of Rose Garden - Clotho - Kill 5 Cursed Dancer Micheals (lvl 120) in 2 mins - Gives 10 Half Pink Potion, 10 Half Blue Potion, 1 Flower of Revival, 2,196,835 EXP; 775,642 TMEXP

9th - Garden of Rose Garden - Lachesis - Kill 5 Cursed Captain Normans (lvl 150) in 2 mins - Gives 10 Half Pink Potion, 10 Half Blue Potion, 1 Flower of Revival, 2,303,133 EXP; 813,173 TMEXP

10th - Garden of Rose Garden - Artopos - Kill 5 Cursed Madame Fondues (lvl 180) in 2 mins - Gives Power of God; 2,409,432 EXP; 850,704 TMEXP

Guardian Awakening Quest - lvl 180? (not sure); for sure 3rd job

Use the Card Identification Skill to collect Secret Map Card 1-16, Then use the cards to build a Secret Map, Use it (non-consumed) and follow it to the drill location (like the surprise treasure chest system)

1st - Janus's Hidden Map - Janus - Asks for 10 Fireworks dropped by fireball monsters (lvl 180) on the map - Gives 10 Greater Pink Potions (30k recovery), 10 Greater Blue Potions, 3,774,425 EXP; 834,022 TMEXP

2nd - Janus's Hidden Map - Janus - Kill 1 lvl 210 Monsters in 3 Min - Gives 10 Fried eggs, 10 Spicy Egg, 3 Flower of Revivals, 4,599,114 EXP; 1,016,251 TMEXP

3rd - Janus's Hidden Map - Janus - Asks for Mysterious Powder, Harkon, Secret Map - Gives Guardian Unsealing Skill, Guardian Guide Book, Eclipse Letter, 3,774,425 EXP; 834,022 TMEXP - ports you to eclipse

4th - Spacial Crossroads - Eclipse - Asks for a Honey Tea - Gives you a Different Space Key - Ports you to Little Rosaline's Room

5th - Little Rosaline's Room - Don Danihen - Kill 1 dopplegangers (lvl equal to yours) in 2 min - Gives Mysterious Powder, Don Danihen Card, Don Danihen Gift, 4,624,384 EXP; 10,211,853 TMEXP

6th Little Rosaline's Room - Little Rosaline - Just talk to her - Gives 3 Candy Apples, 20 500 gelder coupons, 3,774,425 EXP; 8,344,022 TMEXP

Shadow Sight Skill - lvl 180, Awakening Guardian

Megalopolis Skill Shrine - Eclipse - Asks for Different Space Key and 1 Popeyed Anemone Card - Gives Shadow Sight Skill

3. How to Raise Your Guardian and Why

The max one stat can be before awakening is 6, the max total of the stat numbers before awakening is 14. After awakening the stats can sometimes increase, unknown how or why

As an Article once said "everything but walking grows a guardian", so many things increases a guardian stat here's an idea of what increases what. Also some will only increase a guardians stat so far.

To Increase Power Stat:

-Use HP pots
-Kill monsters with Non magic skills
-Use Gun skills
To Increase Magic Stat:

-Use MP pots
-Use magic skills
-Have monsters use magic skills on you
-Attack monster with elemental weapon
-Level TM
To Increase Sense Stat:

-Drill for Items
-Use MP pots(half the speed of magic stat)
-Use Shuriken Skills
-Block Monster Attacks
-Paul systensis
-Nate Compound
To Increase Charm Stat:

-Dodge Monster Attacks
-Pick Up gelder (auto-loot does not work)
-Use Card Consuming skills, like Card Fling
-Look at peoples profiles
-Sell items to an NPC
-Use HP pots (half the speed of power stat)
The highest stat determines which guardian you will receive when you awaken it, it you have two stats that are the same it will go by which got to that number first.

The stats also determine the number of skill slots, meaning if your guardian has a 5 in power it will have 5 power skill slots. If your guardian grows after awakening it will have skill slots to match that, but stll no idea how that works.

4. Skills Guardian Can Learn

Guardians can only learn 1st job skills. If you know the skill just open your skill window and drag it to the guardians skill section, if you don't then you'll have to buy the skill card and drag it from the cards menu. Some have had issues teaching the guardian a skill with a prerequisite, I only had issues with augmentation skills like needing magic arrow before arrow rush. These are the skills they can learn.

Power Skills

-Burning Rave
-Upper Smash
-Tornado Bomb
-Sense Breaker
-Luck Breaker
-Armor Breaker
Magic Skills

-Mana Arrow
-Arrow Rush
-Mana Ring
-Mana Ring Booster
-Mana Storm (People say this skill works horribly)
-Mana Web
Sense Skills

-Stone Strike
-Sticky Foot
-Armor Destructor
Charm Skills

-Power Blow
-Titanium Wrist
-Final Blow
-Magic Meltdown
-Magic Defense Breaker
-Skunk Pouch
Each guardian also has a unique skill based on it's type, it is a freebie that will not show up on it's skill list, will NOT take a skill slot, and CANNOT be deleted.

Thank You For Reading.

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