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Here is a pic I hope you can enjoy. May upload more later...
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Ok, meant to post what some new things are as well.

1.) You can enter the new area from Belos. There is a Valkyrie NPC awaiting you and will chat with you and offer quests. Also, you will clearly see the "tent" where Ramua was in is missing. Once you go inside the portal you are in a map which looks like the Mine with no enemies but the above mentioned tent all broken on the bottom. Continuing to the right you will see a portal that takes you to Colosseum.

2.) To enter any of the 4 portals you will see in the map you will need to be in a party. The bottom floor is the lower level map (LvL 10-120) going to the highest level map (LvL 140 - ???). Also, on the top map you will see an NPC. I do believe either you or your party member(s) must be LvL 10+ EACH to enter the respective portals.

3.) Once inside any portal you will get a nostalgic Monster Tower feeling! The current mob you encounter will NOT attack you, until you attack them. However, unllike MT where you clear each "floor" per mob, the mobs just KEEP on coming out. It is a fun feature to see various mobs just pop-up in front of you. On a side note, there are Kai mobs in the first portal of Colosseum. LOL~

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