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Originally Posted by SirDurant

Opinion check: Pistol Whip/Lucky Punch? It's based off max HP more than LK, so wouldn't that make it a powerful bossing skill? I mean, if bosses can hit you at a distance, what's wrong with walking up and bashing 40% of their health off with a Mastered PW/LP? Or is there something I'm missing here about Lucky Punch that makes it not a good bossing skill? I know the emphasis is on GUNS, but I'm not getting how an attack based on the opponent's max HP isn't a good boss skill...clarify, please?
The reason why the majority of lions (Such as myself who is a 170 scientist) don't use lucky fist is because of Shield Breaker.
Yes shield breaker, the holy grail of bossing for lions.
Shield breaker drops a monsters resist by 80% at max.
Before using shield breaker I would do around 3k per double shot on Karan I believe. With it on, my damage sky rocketed up to 22k per shot.
I can effectively kill Karan in 3 hits.