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SirDurant will become famous soon enough

It's a good start, but it doesn't cover skills or training past about the first hour or two...

I started playing a gunner lion yesterday, and I had no idea they could be so fun ^_^ Anyone who says gunning without Inv. Reload fails appearantly has the reaction time of a's not hard to still get in every shot standing still if the monster's DX isn't absurd. Anyways, gunners train fast (good damage, probably the highest damage comp rate of any weapon due to being able to comp AC) and aren't that expensive (little to no need for potions, so the only real cost is bullets, which are 5 galder a shot).

I only use the Duck Hat and Keychain. Dumped the rest--no AC bonus. I'm oddly prejudiced AGAINST the duck set, but as lions are pretty much the hardest unfunded characters (supposedly), I decided to allow the pieces that gave me AC.

Opinion check: Pistol Whip/Lucky Punch? It's based off max HP more than LK, so wouldn't that make it a powerful bossing skill? I mean, if bosses can hit you at a distance, what's wrong with walking up and bashing 40% of their health off with a Mastered PW/LP? Or is there something I'm missing here about Lucky Punch that makes it not a good bossing skill? I know the emphasis is on GUNS, but I'm not getting how an attack based on the opponent's max HP isn't a good boss skill...clarify, please?

Also, the Pearl Pistol is Karan's unique, right? (Trying to find a gun with a high number of slots)