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Default Pokemon going down hill in anime

well you guys remember the thread about the ash theory? well from what i have heard ever since the 1st season imo the show got boring....

1. ash cmon now never gets past catching even 13 pokemon
2. ash gives away his strongest pokemon besides pickachu somehow god-like or somthing but always get beat somehow.
3. uhhh ok who has ever wonder what ever happen with the G.S ball i mean cmon like 3 episodes i think then its gone never to be heard off.
4. in the movies ash fights legendary pokemons and he has a hard time fighting gyms?
5. the story makes totaly no sense
6. the rivals should be bout 5 times stronger than ash
7. ash dont see anyone else again besides brock besides that one episode about togepi with may, misty, ash, and brock.

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