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I wouldn't go off the Korean Ranger builds, because you'll find a lot of them have very unorthodox builds. Some have maxed Revenger to lower the downtime and the stun chance on the counter, but other Rangers would rather leave it at 1 and use the rest of the points to max the Headshots. There have also been builds with lv15+ Rising Shot for height, but others may find it enough to leave Rising Shot at 5. It all depends on the person, and following another person's build may not suit your tastes.

Your best bet is to get the minimum required for every skill to see what they all do yourself. Then when you find that you need a faster cast time or like the damage, level it up or get the cancels as you see fit.

The only place with the actual skill stats are in the skill planners, but they don't offer you a visual on what they actually look like.
AradSociety - Skill Planner