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Originally Posted by weissritter
he probably jacked into the kTO database and exported the information

Until it is official released, nothing is set in stone :P

finally Nyxx apparently suppose to have a mask as well to go with her set...

The kTO set, all EQs has 3 slots and Pets can go from 1-4 slots.

I guess our version got shafted

무•œ “œ릴 –“œ벤˜~ Š*Š„!
A 3s MA mask and potential 4s pet would've burned more holes in my wallet. Then again, how much does anyone want to bet that Ntreev will release something as hax as a 4s pet in the future?

Hmm, their sets go up to lvl 240. Wonder why ours had to be nerfed to 190 ._.