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So then, according to rumors, facts and assumptions we can conclude that behavior influences the consequences, therefore:
To get a charm guardian:
Pure raccoon skills: Spam'em HP pots, threaten mages at PvP to heal or get KO'd, never say please, and your reputation has to be quite evil among fellow tricksters. Must have a few fangirls to compliment the I-am-the-hottest-thing-alive attitude and give it some foundation.
Dating Needs: Bunnies and Sheep.
Pure cat skills: Must spam HP pots, spam the ":3" smiley, have highly inaccurate spelling skills, inhuman obsession with pie, and willing to make friends with just about anyone. Also applies to male-cats. Males must be quite dramatic. Tender caring nature required. (even if faked!)
Dating Needs: Lions.
To get a magic guardian:
Pure dragon skills: Spam MP pots, buy myshop for any lady that sparks your interest (if you can afford it, otherwise just about anything) and in many cases; just about any lady that asks for it. Physically hit anyone at PvP repeatedly and steadily until their HP is at half the gauge (Aka: Boost of ego for charms :> ), be somewhat dorky at PvP, use the "o.o" smiley when KO'd at PvP.
Dating needs: Bunnies and Cats.
Pure sheep skills: Spam MP pots, be obsessed with your guildies, talk about LK all the time, and just about spam talk at your friends without a sense of have-I-spoken-too-much?-ness, quite mean at PvP (but unlike raccoons, must barely say much). Obsession with MyShop is a MUST.
Dating needs: Raccoons.
To get the sense guardian:
Pure lion skills: Drill like the sonuvagun that you are. Act like the pretty-yet-awkward-preppy-boy-walking-around-with-a-balloon (Balloon sold separately at bum town.) Complain about how much Nteev hates you and starves for the sigh of your blood mingling with the gunpoweder on the ground, as you lay down twitching in fetal position. Speak only when necessary, which has an exception upon encountering a lady ten years younger than you. Must hog the bulletins and frequently make sure there's at least 1 lion on each page of the bulletins' either selling a pirate equip or a Tenter Mane.
Dating needs: Any female class 10 years younger or so.
Pure fox skills: You must love drilling so much that you'd feel depressed and dive into a state of disbelief upon running out of drills. To the extent that you'd hold your hands up in the air and shout "WHY?!". Social skills must be a little on the lacking side for all you have to mostly talk about is money and business. Scammers will very likely lack this. When your 'friends' find you it is a must that you should either be drilling, selling or be Afk and the Colosseum Lobby.
Dating needs: Buffalos.
To get the power guardian:
Pure buffalo skills: Beat up anything you encounter. Your sense of logic must be incredibly low, and all that makes sense to you is AP = Good!, your self-esteem has to be fairly low and miserable every time you get owned by a bunny. You have to like being all over the place and counter the low self-esteem by measuring how much your AP has increased every time you level, and how many people you can OHKO at PvP through asking them to let you test on them.
Dating Needs: Anyone that gives them attention.
Pure bunny skills: Anything that you can hit, has to be hit. Out-of-control AC addiction is necessary, just as much as utter love for PvP and friends. Like cats, you must use the ":3" smiley quite often and be willing to make the most ridiculous and meaningless bulletins ever. You must have anything but a one-tracked mind. If someone says "apples"; you say "pear". If someone says "LOL", you say "I don't get it." Noobish writing required. As for male-bunnies; Their chars have to look as hideous looking as they can be so no one tries to hit on them. Speak very little and unlike the actual female-bunnies, be one-tracked minded. -coughs- PvP. -coughs-
Dating needs:
-For female bunnies: Raccoons and Lions.
-For male bunnies: Other bunnies (Mainly female ones)


I think that's as accurate as it gets. :<

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