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Default Caden Lavontte

Name: Caden Lavontte
Game: Trickster
Class: 3nd job Dragon – Priest.

Gender: Male
Age: 17
Appearance: A thin, slightly muscled young adult; Caden stands at 5’6 with pale lavender eyes and dark brown spiky hair. Wears close fitting, low neck, bright green top and light gray shorts stopping at the knees. Prefers to go bare foot everywhere, but wears simple black sandals.

Personality: Caden is as quiet as Claire is boisterous. He loves to help and heal people because of his lonely days. He tries to be a good friend but sometimes gets a little lost on the road of life and acts irrational.

Backstory: Claire and Caden grew up mainly apart from each other, her inhabiting the Library; him, the bed. Caden had been weak and fragile for his age and as such was kept indoors with strict orders. Unwilling he consented and amused himself with very little ultimately ending up with him lying & staring up ceiling. One day his sister marched into his room where their father was at the time and announced she was going to become a Trickster to play the game to go to Caballa island.

A few days later Caden researched Caballa island and found out about gigantic game being played. He instantly commanded father to allow him to play, and majorly against his father’s & the doctors wishes began the game in a flurry.

He signed up as a Dragon as they could heal people. He surprised even Claire with his adeptness to Mana and quickly advanced onto a Magician, then a Priest. Claire & Caden became fast siblings over the last two years as they began to fully adventure with one another. And since them have been trying to breach the gap of 8 years separation and solitude.


1st Job:

Cure: Compared to Claire, Caden heals by willing Mana into them. This actually makes his healing much more effective than Claire’s.

Mana Storm: Excites & charges Mana in the air in the target area, which causes them whirl and move in such erratic patterns they make miniature tornado like storm. The longer Caden charges the area, the stronger the attack.

2nd Job:

Light Pact: A holy pact formed with the Light spirit. This allows the use of sacred & holy skills.

Heart’s Grace: The casters will to heal the people around him causes Mana under the influence of the Light Pact to sink into their skin, healing them almost instantly.

Light Wave: Caden gathers Light energy inside of him before releasing it outwards. Has a range of about 12ft.

Basic Healing: Caden takes a syringe out of his bag and traps Mana inside it to form a liquid. He then injects this into the person to remove most status effects. Basic Healing can cure: Stun, Paralysis, Poison, and Unconsciousness.

3rd Job:

Sacred Oath: Caden recites the words known only to the highest level of priests. Everyone around him will be affected by the Oath and will begin to restore health over time. Lasts for 3 minutes.

Searing Light: Caden floats up into the air, on the peak of his levitation divine light slams down upon the unfortunate targets. Because of the high amount of energy required to perform this skill Caden rarely uses it. Caden is protected by a holy barrier when he floats upwards.

Custom Skill:

When I can decide what'll do I'll put et here. q_q

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