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This thread is so dead :[


IGN: Kierann
Just a nubby lvl 19x Priest atm but I'm purely grinding TM, so I know my base will eventually catch up x]

Other chars in the game~ For those of you who like to stalk o:

Cyber Hunter Kiyoshiro, in Retribution

Witch Dianthea, Dark Lord Ameinias,Soul Master Kamaryn, all in God Of War.

and Champion Natsuyo who is currently guildless e_e

I also play Latale :x

Lvl 73 Bow Explorer Kazushi [FrenchBread]

Lvl 22 Wizard and lvl 35 Warrior, with no guilds :x

aaaand my real name is Lyn, but you can call me Ameh :]