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Note : Trapper GUIDE is in Alpha Phase. I do not naturally own a trapper, only a hunter as for now.

Short Introduction about Trappers

Tables of Content

Part 1 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
1.1 What are trappers?
1.2 How to change to 3rd job?

Part 2 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
2.1 Skill Description
2.2 Skill Allocation

Part 3 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
3.1 FAQ

================================================== =======
1.1 What are trappers?
================================================== =======

Using my own terms in IAHGame's 3rd job - Trapper

Trappers are masters in archery who tries to control animals and tame them like falcons, they set traps to ensnare animals to annihilate those wildlife dangerous freaks who may be harmful in any forms, to gain treasures like their fur for it.
In THQ*ICE and gpotato, they used the term - Pathfinder for 3rd job. Using my own term

Pathfinders are explorers who are keen to divulge new things around their surroundings, with expertise on animals and bows to fend for themselves in an unknown world.

================================================== =======
1.2 How to change to 3rd Job? (TRAPPER)
================================================== =======

1. Finish hero quest segment till Farrel's Diary at level 32. From there, you must talk to Pablo after finishing the quest to get the pre-3rd job quest, which is ' Fight to the death against Drakes!'

2. Invite people who can kill Lavalon to party, it isn't easy to solo. Before that, go to Vaild Raeth's top part of the map.

3. Finish the room quest, blah blah (go search on Strategy's forum for guide)

4. Kill Lavalon by killing mob that drops mana bullet, charge it and stun him. Only stunning him can deal damage to him, otherwise no. After Patch 1.0.1 from IAH's server, You need 2 mana bullets to initiate a charge.

5. After killing, talk to Pablo to complete quest. Now, go to Smoldering Swamp and achieve 200 combos (its easy as pie, dont worry), go back, change job, and done!

Actually, same as ballista, Ctrl-V does the job.

================================================== =======
2.1 Skill Description
================================================== =======


Pierce Level 1/5

Penetrate arrows to hit foes by normal attack.

For this, you do not need level 5, level 1 is sufficient. You will be using most of your skills instead of pierce, and at higher level, mob will not be easily stacked. It is used for clearing weaker mob at a go. Doesn't have much impact if you max, but it will be useless somehow.

Aiming Level 5/5

Increase your focus, thus boosting up your accuracy for a limited amount of time.

At level 5, it adds 30 BASE accuracy instead of the percentage. This may not seem good to you, but at least it add something. I mean, at higher levels, like going to Chaos Elluman, you gotta need 200 ACC to hit them, 30 base accuracy is going to help a lot here. Besides, you will have a mastery later on.

Credits to ImNotGakupo in IAHGame's Dragonica Forum for picture

Weakness Detection Level 5/5

Improve Aiming to obtain additional accuracy, and critical rate.

Must. Max. This. This is a skill that enables yourself to get additional accuracy, 15 to be exact at level 5. Also, adds 15 BASE critical rate. Means you get to hit 1/6 of the time with critical. How envious of you, ballista's have only 3 base critical rate at level 5.

Falcon Frenzy Level 5/5

Engages a falcon to bombard a large AoE to launch foe up.

Another autolock skill. You should max this for damage, and launch. Good for range, like wolf rush, but it may be hard to use sometimes from hearsay. At level 3, it launches fallen foes and at level 5, it launches foes to the peak. It is worse than its buddy Blitz, as it have a 10sec cd while blitz have 4sec.

Credits to ImNotGakupo in IAHGame's Dragonica Forum for picture

Blitz Level 3/5 or 5/5

From the summoning of the falcon, devastate an AoE with massive damage.

Another autolock skill. Damage foe and launch them to air. At level 3, launches at peak with FALLEN foes. Better damage than Falcon Frenzy, and faster arrival of falcon, though have lesser AoE. The better buddy for the falcon skills.

Credits to ImNotGakupo in IAHGame's Dragonica Forum for picture

Falcon Mastery Level 5/5

Increase potential for falcon, by improving its damage.

All masteries are good, except perhaps for base damage things like Advance Bow Mastery and Advance Sword Mastery. The damage is increased by the LAST hit of falcon, each falcon deals 3 times, the last hit gets increased damage only,I believe.

Claymore Level 1/5 [PvP]

Create a bomb trap that implodes after 10sec or by denotation.

Have a cast time, more damage than falcon, but it is very hard to use in PvE, in PvP too. Have cast delay etc. Don't learn this skill. If you are PvPing, learn level 1 for pre-requite for other skills. Although it have 1 second cooldown, but the cast time and inaccessibility to use it to its fullest potential foiled it.

Credits to vee4Phoenix in IAHGame's Dragonica Forum for picture

Denotation Level 0/1 or 1/1 [Both PvP]

Press a switch, and explode all claymore that are casted by you.

Another useless skill. Due to only destroying claymore and not other traps. May be a pre-requite for Untouchable.

Bounce Trap Level 1/5 [PvP]

Sets up a trap that bounce foe up upon contact. Visible to foes

From what vee4Phoenix had said, bounce trap does launch foe into air, and block their aerial recovery, it can be a nice skill to use somehow. But still, nobody is going to be so dumb to walk into it, unless in a chaos.

Credits to vee4Phoenix in IAHGame's Dragonica Forum for picture

Splash Trap Level 1/5 or 3/5 [PvP]

Sets up a trap and explode foes when in contact.

Useless skill again. Shouldn't go through it again, nobody cares about it, damage it, no effect. Pure useless. In PvE, you need to cast it. Can learn level 3 for Untouchable.

Credits to vee4Phoenix in IAHGame's Dragonica Forum for picture

Freeze Trap 5/5 if possible

Sets up a trap and freeze foe upon contact.

May be a useless skill, but in chaotic situation, when foe step, they may have a chance to get freeze. Then, fire all you can before they get unfreezed. 60% chance + 5 % per level, with a duration of 2.4 sec + 0.2sec per level. After freeze and almost up, cast netbind to stack immobility.

Credits to vee4Phoenix in IAHGame's Dragonica Forum for picture

Silence Trap Level 5/5 if possible, otherwise as high as possible

Sets a trap and mute (Disable skills) foes upon contact.

May be a useless skill like freeze trap, but like in chaotic situations, cast and someone walk, they cannot cast skill for a certain period of time. 60% + 10% per level for silence, at level 5 confirmed silence, while 7sec + 2 sec per level for duration.

Credits to vee4Phoenix in IAHGame's Dragonica Forum for picture

Untouchable Level 0/1 or 1/1

Turns yourself a kettle head, and try to kamikaze foes with damage, but you suffer majorly after using it.

This is an interesting skill. You can run with your helmet activated (Option), then charge to foe ASAP when you know the timing, but people will hear the 'Tick tock' sound from it, so they will run from you. But fret not, if you up Rapid step and have movement speed, kudos to you, they cannot run away. After dealing massive damage if hit, you will be left with 1 hp and gains 200% MSPD for a short period of time.

Credits to FMLife in IAHGame's Dragonica Forum for picture

================================================== =======
2.2 Skill Allocation
================================================== =======

For PvE. Follow the PvE build I gave you for hunter, and then up this.

Level 40 - Pierce level 1
Level 41 - Aiming level 1
Level 42 - Falcon Frenzy level 1
Level 43 - Blitz level 1
Level 44 - Falcon Mastery level 1 ; Aiming level 2
Level 45 - Weakness Detection level 1 ; Falcon Frenzy level 1
Level 46 - Blitz level 2
Level 47 - Aiming level 3
Level 48 - Weakness Detection level 2 ; Falcon Frenzy level 3 ; Falcon Mastery level 2
Level 49 - Blitz level 3
Level 50 - Aiming level 4
Level 51 - Falcon Frenzy level 4 ; Weakness Detection level 3
Level 52 - (Save skill point)
Level 53 - Aiming level 5
Level 54 - Falcon Frenzy level 5 ; Weakness Detection level 4
Level 55 - (Save skill point)
Level 56 - Falcon Mastery level 4
Level 57 - Weakness Detection level 5
Level 58 - (Save skill point)
Level 59 - (Save skill point)
Level 60 - Falcon Mastery level 5

You can max Blitz if you want, actually. Pardon me for a not-so-good guide because I estimate this with my knowledge of Trappers in the forum.

For PvP, there are many variations of it. You should plan for yourself. As a Trapper, you don't need Acid arrow and Bleed anymore actually, but Netbind remains a useful skill somehow.

================================================== =======
3.1 FAQ
================================================== =======

Q1 and Q2 is a mistake that I wrote wrong in my guide, and Xallista and FMLife corrected in someways

Q1 : On these 3 skills : Wolf Rush ; Falcon Frenzy and Blitz, compare their range and AoE
A1 : Wolf Rush have more range than Falcon Frenzy. Blitz have more AoE than Falcon Frenzy. Somehow like that. (From FMLife)

Q2 : On these 3 skills : Wolf Rush ; Falcon Frenzy and Blitz, compare their damage
A1 : damage order, from highest to lowest:
Blitz -> Falcon Frenzy -> Wolf Rush (From Xallista)

This guide is in Alpha phase, may be untrue for some of it.

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