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hmm seems i labelled my strikes wrongly >_>

but i still think that hamstring isnt safe enough for myth; i'd use it for going through bosses when bloody afterimage is on cd.

Originally Posted by Lunar
that's cause my playstyle is corner rape.. u can't corner rape if they can't freaken go into the wall dam invisible wall
I thought of this, tried this on crows and freaggin violent pirates >_>
u could use this skill to push the enemy to the wall o.o

[some distance from wall] AAAA [1-1][1st hit, 2nd hit, 3rd hit] [reaches wall] [4th hit connects] [continue with corner rape]

well i'm not sure anyways, if i pass through the monster on the 3rd hit it misses, like what i mentioned earlier...

sry gladiat, still working on it

and gj for the skill name updates

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