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Default Builds

Here a Ranger build i might try in the future...i used the skill simulator to lv60 for it.
Silver/Freezing Bullet lv1
Steyr AMR lv1
Land Runner lv1
BBQ lv5, Cancel BBQ lv1
M-3 Flamethrower lv1,
Gatling Gun lv5, Cancel Gatling Gun lv1
Backstep lv1 , Cancel Backstep lv1
Jack Spike lv5, Cancel Jack Spike lv1
Rising Shot lv5, Cancel Rising Shot lv1
Wind Mill lv5, Cancel Wind Mill lv1, Rising Windmill lv1 , Triple Clutch lv1
Punisher lv5, Cancel Punisher lv1
Mach Kick lv5, Cancel Mach Kick lv1
Pan Revolver lv10
Fastest Gun lv5
Headshot lv18, Cancel Headshot lv1, Western Fire lv1
Revenger lv1
Air Raid lv1
Death By Revolver lv10
Multi Headshot lv5
Moving Shot lv5
Wild Shot lv5
Death Hawk lv1~5
Sudden Death lv6
Scud Genocide lv5~7
Air Shot lv none~10
Physical Critical Hit lv none~10
Physical Rear Attack lv ??

So here my build what you think?I can take out same points for Scud Genocide/Death Hawk for Air Shot or maybe i shouldn't even bother for it....Physical Critical Hit should be nice with Death By Revolver right 10% should be nice for it maybe the back one too...

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