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(H5)PvP (Player VS Player)
The second best thing in Dragonica other than killing AFKers (joking!=p) is definitely the PvP system.

The only way to be successful in PvPing is to PvP your hearts out whenever you want to, as I always believe this, to PvP to Learn and NOT to PvP to Win. Because honestly, how do you actually get good in something without doing it constantly? PvP can’t be taught. You wouldn’t be able to master anything just by reading guides that teaches you how to PvP. Instead, try out your character by PvPing your friends in friendly matches, and then read on guides of other classes. By knowing how the opposing class could lock you in a deadly combo, you would be able to avoid or even counter against it. I’ll analyse each skills with you throughout this section, talk about the type of equipments you should get and things you should take note of in PvP. This way, you would have a rough theoretical idea of Warmages in PvP. The rest is up to individuals to explore and learn.

(S11)The Art of PvPing
What differentiates a Pro from a Noob in PvP is definitely not the win-lose ration but the ability to survive in a PvP match and locking your opponent.

Definition: the ability to survive in a PvP match.

PvP is a battle of survivability. Whoever has the ability (skills) to survive with the help of equipments (supporting factor) deserves to win the match, I will go through each skills and supporting factor that affects the survivability in PvP.
  1. (T191)Roll (skills)(names given by me)
    immediate roll
    immediate roll is performed immediately the second you touches the ground. It is done by clicking on "jump" and "direction button" (depending on where you wanted to roll to) when your body is about to touch the ground from a launch. It is not advised to spam the "jump" and "direction button" during the whole process in hope to execute it.

    after-fall roll
    after-fall rolling system is only release in the recent patch. It allows the player to have a chance of rolling away after you have landed on the ground. It is performed by clicking "jump" and "directional button" (depending on where you wanted to roll to) after you have landed on the ground.

    Rolling is an escape route from combos in PvP. By performing well-timed and accurate rollings in PvP, it will cut out the chances of getting caught in a combo and thus, improve your chances of surviving in a PvP match and also at the same time.
  2. (T192)Air Escape (skills)
    Air Escape is a recent release alongside with after-fall roll. It allows players to escape air combos in mid-air by clicking "jump" and "directional button" (depending on where you wanted to jump to) once you have finish receiving damage. The release of this Air Escape system just tilted the PvP weighing balance towards the “skills required” side.

    Air Escaping is as crucial as Rolling as it could save you from many situations like getting caught in a Myrm’s combo or being launched into the air during a Team Fight mass clash.
  3. (T193)Equipments (supporting factor)
    Equipments play a big role in a PvP match. For Warmage, I (and I’m sure many other Warmage will to) advise you to get equipments with VIT priority over INT. This is due to the lack of physical defences and HP that Warmage have in PvP. Many would say, what will happen to our MATK if we ignore our INT. Well, here is the thing. MATK and INT can be easily replaced by our weapon and Set equipment bonus respectively whereas VIT can’t. Our main role in PvP (or usually team battles) is to freeze and disable our opponent(s). With the amount of damage output combined together as a team, the small differences in your MATK due to few INT figures exchanged for VIT is definitely a worthy sacrifice.

    I’ve recently noticed a very interesting thing from a particular Warmage. He/She pumped INT priority over AGI instead of VIT, having a value of around 19X and 13X for INT and AGI respectively. My first guess is that he/she is definitely focusing on Critical Damage/ Critical Rate for the spell Magic Missiles (given that many have claim AGI affects Crit.dmg/rate). I advise this is not a thing to do due to several reasons.

    Firstly, Your are neglecting your VIT, that would makes you a soft paper which other classes like Ninja, Myrm, Trapper or even Harle would have a easier time ripping you apart. With around 8X-9X VIT, your HP in PvP is 12k. But if you were to concentrate on VIT and INT, hitting 13X VIT will gives you 20k HP.
    Secondly, You will be balancing your required stats into 3 different categories if you were to play AGI. Now that you have a high critical rate/damage’s magic missiles, you would require a solid ACC base orelse there is no point going around with it. +ACC equipments are expensive too in markets.
  4. (T194)Save your Teammate (supporting factor)
    Saving your teammate in a Team Match is as important as killing one of your opponent. Never try to chase down another opponent when you saw one of your teammate being caught in a combo. Try to break the chain by casting your Tornado, Backdraft or Lightning Ball. Cast Blizzard only if the opponent class is Harle due to the reason that they couldn’t stop their spells if they are doing their combo. There is no exact way of breaking a chain in a PvP match. Experiences gain through long term PvPing will allow you to react in the shortest possible time, making the best decision.
(T20)Offensive Skill(cancel casting animation)
The 5 most important offensive spells from a Warmage are Ball Lightning, Blizzard, Backdraft, Snow Blues and Magic Missiles. Out of these 5 spells, 2 requires casting time while 3 requires casting animation.

The rule of PvP is to catch your opponent, lock him/her and kill him/her as fast as possible within a set of combos. In order to achieve this, catching spells are being cast. Catching spells refers to spells which are able to knockdown, stun or any effect that will cause your opponent to be disable for a short amount of time.

Ball Lightning, Backdraft serves as the best catching spells for Warmages as they have immediate disabling effect(Ball Lightning being the zapping effect, and Backdraft being the flinch effect when taking the damage). But if one were to notice carefully, casting Backdraft and Ball Lighnting requires a very short amount of time, even though it could be known as instant. Casting Ball Lightning requires your Warmage to raise both arms in the air fully until he/she is free to move again whereas Backdraft requires your Warmage to raise a single arm in the air fully until he/she is free to move again. To simplified this, casting of the 3 spells which requires casting animation will disable your Warmage for a very short period of time. And at this short period of time, a pro PvPer will find just enough time to catch you with 1 spell, and deliver his lock and send you back to your spawnsite. To avoid this, canceling of casting animations comes into the picture.

Many Warmage would've known this. Canceling of casting animation only requires to click jump immediately after casting a spell.

Ball Lightning is button "s"
jump is button "c"

1. cast Ball Lightning by clicking on [s]
2. cancel animation by clicking on [c] immediately

After knowing the basics of canceling spell animation, lets take a step forward and learn about offending and escaping at the same time.

During the process of catching your opponent with Ball Lightning, Backdraft or even Blizzard. One would normally spam the spells on strategic locations in an attempt to catch them. Thus, we can conclude the process of catching will requires a Warmage to cast any of the 3 catching spells more than once. Many pro PvPers in Dragonica catches their opponent when they are casting a spell, because that is the only opening whereby the character will stand still at a spot for a short period of time. To eliminate this possibility, we will have to play with the technique of canceling casting animation.

Canceling casting animation gives us a heads up of being able to cast a spell at less than 0.1 second. So by pairing a jump dash after canceling your cast animation will gives your opponent more difficulties to catch you. This way, it just takes less than 1 second to cast a spell, and escape from the spot .

Ball Lightning is button "s"
jump is button "c"
directional button as default

1. cast Ball Lightning by clicking on [s]
2. cancel animation by clicking on [c] immediately
3. jump by clicking on [c] again
4. click on a desire directional button to dash towards it in the air

Repeat the series of instruction above quickly, and you will be able to cast and escape, cast and escape. This is as much as I can teach you. The only way to get better at this is to practice constantly instead of reading this section again for 50 times.

To add on to the last part, offensive skill also includes offending intelligently. This will means attacking your stationary opponent behind their back instead of their front. When you have successfully caught your opponent in a Ball Lightning, one would normally throw a Blizzard or Snow Blues to freeze your opponent. After your opponent freezes, make your way to his back and start your combo from there. Never ever combo your opponent in front of them even when they are being freeze. If your opponent is a Ninja, he would be able to send you a Rocket Punch as soon as he gets un-freeze and turn the tide.

So remember! ALWAYS attack a stationary opponent behind his back!

(T21)Skill Analysis
These are the 2 PvP skill builds which I recommend at level 30, 40 and 50.

Level 30:
Level 40:
Level 50:

Noticed the 90 skill points that are left alone at Level 50? That is saved for level 5+ uses. And you might have noticed that I only pump several skills. I’ll break down the next section of Skill Analysis into different section just for easy reading and understanding.

  1. (T211)What are the basic (must have) skill?
    Slow Heal
    level 5 is a MUST!
    Mana Shield
    Keep it at between level 3 or 4 depending on your mana pool.
    Basic Battlemage’s offensive spells
    Must have except for Tornado. Keep Tornado at level 2 just for Blizzard. Tornado used to be pretty effective in catching opponents with low Evade Rate (or as a spell to KO low HP enemies due to the instant cast time and a chance at crit), but have been greatly affected by the Air Escape system.
    Backdraft and Snow Blues
    Good disabling and freezing spell respectively
    Mirror Image
    pretty useless in PvP due to the reason that the 90 sec cool down buffs only last for 3 attacks (regardless of the damage) and not 30 sec. A Harle can clear the 3 images in 1 sec by just casting a random spell on you.
    Focus, Staff Mastery and Magic Enhancement
    they are highly recommended to max out for PvP.

    A short note on this, Knight/Paladin’s Revenge now works on Warmage/Battlemage too.
  2. (T212)Why Magic Missiles and not Spiral Cannon + Point Buster? (Warmage)
    According to game data, each Magic Missiles dealt 32% of your Weapon MATK + 100, whereas Spiral Cannon and Point Buster dealt 120% of your MATK + 150 and 150% of weapon MATK + 200.

    After tabulating the damage, it is (32% + 100) x 10 against 120% + 150 and 150% + 200. So it’s pretty clear why Magic Missiles are preferred. (I apologize if the damage of the spells isn’t calculated this way, but after asking around in forums during my younger time taught me it was calculated that way. But nonetheless, MM is still much more preferred than SC and PB due to the damage output.)
  3. (T213)Should I pump Thunder Break? (Warmage)
    After the patch, Thunder Break has been greatly bought down due to it being an ACC based skill.

    Thunder Break deal pretty painful damage to the opponent as it does 25% of your MATK on 4 enemies in range for 60 sec. If you are equipped with a Lavalon Weapon that gives you around 3.5K MATK, the damage will be 875 with a chance of crit-ing. The only bad thing you have to stick up to is that it will miss on opponents with high Evade Rate.
  4. (T214)Is Meteor Strike useful in PvP? (Warmage)
    Meteor Strike is no doubt the highest damage skill a Warmage could have at level 65. Given that the spell is ACC based. It would have a chance to miss on opponents with high Evade Rate. But if you were to crit hit an opponent with 3.5k MATK, it could remove 7/10 of your opponent’s HP bar instantly.

    The long cool down has always been the factor that makes many Warmage across the server to discourage others to pump it for PvP.

    My thought on this is that players should start pumping for this spell only when you go above level 50 because if you were to go for level 1 Meteor Strike at level 50, you would have to neglect on many other spells which isn’t worthy as a whole.
  5. (T215)Why Slow Heal and not Self Heal? (Battlemage/Warmage)
    Self Heal converts (I have no idea about the conversion rate) the amount of MATK you have into heal amount and cast a recovery spell on yourself for the cost of 5% of Max MP at level 5.

    The bad side about this spell is that whatever much your MATK is, it would only heal maximum of of your HP in PvP unlike in PvE. Say if I have 4k MATK with a HP of 25k in PvP. Self Heal will only recover around 4XXX of my HP. That is around 15% of the HP. Unlike in PvE, if you have 4K MATK with a HP of 5K, Self Heal will recover nearly 80% of your HP. This is why Self Heal is only preferred in dungeon boss like Aram.

    Slow Heal is a must have spell in PvP due to the reason of healing 50% HP over a period of 30 seconds. The fact that it recovers 50% HP over a period instead of “instant heals” like Self Heal just increase Warmages’ survivability when caught in a combo.
  6. (T216)How many levels should I pump for my Mana Shield?(Battlemage/Warmage)
    Mana Shield is another must have spell for Warmage in PvP. As Warmage are the disabler in PvP matches coupled with high damage output, it is no surprise to see “get WM first!” from your opponent’s chat in any Team Matches.

    Mana Shield absorb 30% of the damage we received by exchanging it with our MP. I advise going for level 4 Mana Shield and level 4 Slow Heal at Level 30 due to the lower mana pool that Battlemage have. Other than that, sticking at level 3 Mana Shield should be fine when you reach level 40 and 50.
  7. (T217)Define lock with respect to Warmage.
    Locking refers to a chain of combos which usually requires skills and perfect timing to perform, that gives your opponent very little chance of escaping in the form of Rolling or Air Escape.

    Warmage/Battlemage is well-known for their deadly freezes in PvP matches. To lock an opponent in PvP with a Warmage, it would require certain amount of luck for your Blizzard to freeze your opponent, and also a large amount of skills to execute your Blizzard at the perfect time. A Lightning Ball coupled with level 5 Energy Condensation is a deadly skill in PvP due to the high amount of dps. When an opponent get caught in your Lightning Ball, put a Blizzard on his spot, the “paralyzed” effect from the Lightning Ball will ensure that the opponent is being kept for a longer time within the Blizzard’s AOE, thus higher chances of freezing.

    The inclusion of Backdraft to your spell arsenal allow Warmage to have an easier time locking their opponent. Backdraft causes your opponent to flinch per damage received. Casting a Blizzard on the spot where the opponent gets caught in a Backdraft will ensure that your opponent is being kept for a longer time withing the Blizzard's AOE, thus higher chances of freezing.

    1v1 PvP with Warmage involves a lot of skills as majority of Warmage spells and effect requires a short time to cast and take place.

    It is crucial to time your spells accurately when your opponent has been freeze. Try to keep your opponent stuck at his spot as long as possible by casting your Blizzard and Snow Blues between a larger time intervals. Blizzard freezes the opponent for 5 sec whereas Snow Blues freezes the opponent for 2-3 sec. I will use a simple video to illustrate the meaning of “casting your Blizzard and Snow Blues between a large time intervals”.

    I started the whole combo with a cheap Blizzard to freeze her out because I don’t want to spend too much time chasing her around the Labyrinth. And to be honest with you all, I’m bad at catching enemies with my spells.

    As shown in the video, I cast my Blizzard around 1 sec left in the freeze duration of Snow Blues, or vice versa. This is because I wanted to keep my opponent freeze for as long as possible. By casting your next freezing spell (Blizzard or Snow Blues depending on which one is not on cool down) nearer to the end of the freeze duration, this will cause your opponent to take at least 2-3 hit of the spell the moment they get unfreeze, and a chance to get freeze again.

    Take for example during 0:31 sec of the video, I cast my Snow Blues when the freeze duration is left with 1 sec. And on 0:32 – 0:33 of the video, she get hit approximately 3 times by my Snow Blues which got her freeze again for another 2 sec. I cast my Blizzard on her location at 1 sec freeze duration left and got lucky to freeze her for the 3rd time. Knowing my Snow Blues wouldn’t be able to cool down in time, I cast all my damage spell on her in hope to rip as much HP off from her as possible.

    I’ve seen locks by Warmage that are 3x more deadly than the simple one that I’ve shown you. There’s no exact way of a foolproof lock in Dragonica, unless you’re a Paladin. It’s all up to individual preferences.
(T22)When ACC comes into play (level 59+)
Moving into the extreme late phases of the game, majority of the players will decide to farm for their main builds. When I said main builds, I mean spending tons of cash on getting their set items with the desire stats they wanted and enhancing them to +8 and above for the high DEF enchant options. The results of these actions with the help of Seal Scrolls have give birth to many God-like classes. Such examples includes the imba ACC and evade rates of classes like Trapper and Ninja.

As of lower level, Battlemage/Warmage spells like Blizzard, Snowblues, Backdraft and Lightning Ball have no problem hitting high evade rate classes due to their high natural spell ACC. But with this group of newly born God-like Trapper and Ninja, their evade rate have surpass the high natural spell ACC of our spells to the extent where our spells will start to

This is when ACC comes into play for Warmage. A normal Ninja would easily have 150-160 Evade Rate which is totally impossible for our Lightning Ball to hit them. To solve that problem, Warmage now requires at least 190 ACC (210 to be save) for PvP. To achieve this easier, we will require our full Chaos Set item, which gives us ACC +11.9% Bonus Effect when 5 set are being equipped.

(S12)Building your first long term build
I will continue through this part by roughly listing down the most suitable equipment for each body part. (Note: this is just in my opinion base on my experiences of playing a Warmage in and out of PvP. Other people might agree/disagree with what I'm about to say here, but I believe it is up to personal preferences and would respect their beliefs.)
The reason why I classified this whole build as a long term build is because it is advisable to obtain the best possible options from each equipment. This build will stay with you for a long period of time, probably from level 54/60 to 70/75.

One tip while deciding on what options to get for your equipment is to focus on the rule of Survivability. Getting all equipments which will help you survive the match for a longer period of time is crucial as if you can't even stay alive, you wouldn't be able to kill in a PvP match.

During early phases, I emphasize on the importance of VIT>INT for our equipments. As of now, getting into the late phases will required us to include ACC into our equipment if we want to have a chance in PvP battle field. The inclusion of ACC into our equipment will boost the usefulness of our Magic Missiles. Thus, I came out with a new stats build for Warmage, toning our equipment stats from VIT>INT to ACC-VIT>AGI-INT.

It is proven that AGI will improves the Critical Rate of the character. Given the fact that we have ACC now, our Magic Missiles will have higher hit chances on classes like Ninja and Trapper, and would have a 100% hit chance on classes like Myrmidon, Oracle .etc. Thus, pairing AGI with 6 set of Chaos Set item will ensure decent amount of damage on your opponent when they get caught with 10 Magic Missiles from you. I advise getting 4 set of special Wondrous Witbit item with VIT+ and AGI+ and 2 set of Special Wondrous Witbit item with VIT+ and INT+, and getting accessories with a smooth balance between VIT and AGI.

Antares' Necklace
desired Options-
ACC +7.0% (max)

-Full Set Bonus-
ATK decrease +6.0%
MATK decrease +6.0%

Reason: The ATK and MATK decrease is a crucial Bonus. When equipped with Antares' Necklace, any physical or magical damage you received will be reduced by 6.0%. With this and your high pool of HP, you would be harder to kill by any other classes.

For a perfectionist who wanted to get Artifact on this equipment, it would be good if you could get stats of VIT +, ACC +7.0% and AGI + or INT +.

Wondrous Witbit Hat
-desired Options-
AGI +/ INT +

Reason: Many would wonder why getting a Wondrous Witbit Hat and not a Elluman Crown. I believe, sacrificing the Set bonus from Elluman Crown is worthly to include a 6Set Bonus effect of Critical Damage +90.0% from Wondrous Witbit. The amount of DEF and MDEF one would get from Wondrous Witbit Hat is a lot higher than Elluman Crown too.

PvE wise, getting an Elluman Crown is still better than a Wondrous Witbit Hat due to the high INT option from the Crown.

For any high end perfectionist whom wanted to go for full artifact Wondrous Witbit set, try to obtain VIT +, INT + and AGI + from all the equipment.

Wondrous Witbit Shoulder
-desired Options-
AGI +/ INT +


Kimart Wings-----------or-----------Cupere Wings+12
-desired Options-----------------------desired Options-
ACC +11.4%/ 10.6%----------------ACC +9.8%/ +9.0%
VIT +---------------------------------VIT +
---------------------------------------Critical Rate +5%
-Full Set Bonus-
AGI +48

Reason: Vella Wings is out of the choice when you reach late game, due to the fact that having a 10% INT boost isn't as useful as having a +48 AGI boost. Just from Kimart Wings alone, it is possible to net a total of +20 or more ACC.

For perfectionist who wanted an Artifact Kimart Wings, have a range of stats like ACC +, VIT +, AGI +, INT +, Critical Damage + will be good.

For high end perfectionist, it is better if you go for an artifact Cupere Wings. It is also important to enhance your Cupere Wings to +12 at least due to the massive amount of DEF and MDEF bonus given out.

Wondrous Witbit Robe+10
-desired Options-

Reason: Advisable to enhance Robe to +10 once you get your desired stats due to the higher amount of DEF and MDEF bonus given out.

Wondrous Witbit Glove
-desired Options-


Lightning Oak Spear+13
-desired Options-
VIT +28/ 30/ 32
ACC +14/ 16

Reason: The best weapon up-to-date as of 1st January 2010. It is important to enhance your weapon to +13 at least for a decent amount of damage output.

For high end perfectionist, it is better to get an artifact Lightning Oak Spear with VIT +, ACC +, AGI +, Critical Damage +, Min MATK + (according to priority).

Yeti Belt+12
-desired Options-

-Full Set Bonus-
STR +6
HP +300

Reason: Yeti Belt is the only Belt in-game (as of now, 1st January 2010) to have Full Set Bonus given to the character when equipped. It is advisable to enchant Yeti Belt to +12 and above due to the decent amount of enchant effect of DEF and MDEF.

For high end perfectionist, go for Artifact Yeti Belt with VIT +, AGI + and INT + options. With higher soulforce, the amount of DEF and MDEF obtained from enchantment would also be higher.

Wondrous Witbit Pants+8
desired Options-
INT +/ AGI +

Reason: Wondrous Witbit Pants give a decent amount of enchant effect of DEF and MDEF. It is advisable to enchant the equipment to at least +8 when you have obtained the desired stats out of it.

Wondrous Witbit Boots
-desired Options-
INT +/ AGI +


Mimir Shaman's Ring
-desired Options-

ACC +7.0%

-Full Set Bonus- (Special requirement for Full Set Bonus, only 1 Mimir Shaman's Ring to be equipped)
STR +3
INT +6
AGI +5

Reason: Mimir Shaman's Ring is an artifact ring at 0 Soul Force due to the 3 Set Bonus given when only 1 Mimir Shaman's Ring is being equipped.

For high end perfectionist, go for artifact with ACC +7.0%, VIT +, AGI +. The loss of INT can be replaced by the Full Set Bonus of the item

Ring of Darkness
-desired Options-
ACC +7.0%

-Full SEt Bonus- (Special requirement for Full Set Bonus, The Ring of Darkness, Earrings of Darkness and Necklace of Darkness must be equipped)
1Set Bonus:INT +7
2Set Bonus:MP +300
3Set Bonus:MATK decrease +10.0%

Reason: For the INT+7. This is done to recoup the loss of INT from various equipments

High end perfectionist might want to go for artifact with ACC +7.0%, VIT +, AGI +. The reason why Earrings of Darkness and Necklace of Darkness isn't used is due to the reason that Antares' Necklace and Pythanuth's Earring's damage de-buff are better choice than the MP +300 and MATK decrease.

Pythanuth's Earring
-desired Options-
ACC +7.0%

-Full Set Bonus-
ATK decrease +10%

Reason: For the 10% ATK de-buff. Pairing Pythanuth's Earring with Antares' Necklace, we will have a total of 16% ATK reduction from all non-magician classes.

E.g. If an Ninja dealt 800 damage to you with 1 dagger, 16% ATK reduction will ensures you to only take 672 damage. With Mana shield, another 30% reduction will leave you with taking 471 damage. Not including the amount of DEF you have from all the enchantment. With a large pool of HP, ATK de-buffs and high DEF,MDEF, non-magician classes will have trouble hurting you in the battlefield.

For high end perfectionist, go for ACC +, VIT +, AGI +.

Green Christmas Medal (Magician)--or--Official Artifact Manufacturer---or---Legendsmith--or--In the Name of the Guild
-Special Options---------------------------Full Set Bonus--------------------------Full Set Bonus------Full Set Bonus-
Skill Effect: Focus +1---------------------AGI +4----------------------------------AGI +8--------------STR +5
-------------------------------------------0VIT +4---------------------------------0VIT +8--------------INT +5
-Full Set Bonus------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------0AGI +5
INT +15--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------0VIT +5
AGI +15
ACC +3.0%

Reason: Green Christmas Medal is only up for a limited time only. With a special bonus of buffing up Focus to level 6, it also gives a +15 AGI and ACC +3.0% boost. Making it the best medal for any magician. Followed by In the Name of the Guild, easily obtained by completing any Guild Quest for 10 times.

For high end perfectionist which have forge Artifact or Legend equipment, it is wise to go for Official Artifact Manufacturer or Legendsmith due to the VIT+ bonus given.

The 100 Artifact/ Legend item required to forge for the medal can be easily obtained if you have been washing your equipment stats with Seal Scrolls. Noticed Seal Scrolls will cause [Cursed] effect on Artifact/ Legend equipment, upon removing the curse, 1 Artifact/ Legend item will be forged. So simply speaking, just Un-cursed 100 Artifact/ Legend equipment to obtain Official Artifact Manufacturer/ Legendsmith respectively.

Skeleton Bandage
-desired Options-
VIT +6

-Full Set Bonus-
ACC +5.0
AGI +6

Reason: Addition of ACC to your character. Due to the fact that the Full Set Bonus already gave AGI +6, it is better to balance off with INT + for the soulcraft options.

With the above build, it could easily rake in 240 VIT which is around 10800 HP, with a Mana pool of 11000 at least. Having 200+ AGI will ensure a decent Critical Rate which is packed by Critical Damage +90% from 6 pieces of Wondrous Witbit Set. Notice I didn't encourage Critical Rate + options as it does not increase the base Critical Rate but only improves the base Critical Rate.

Character's Base Critical Rate is 20% (with no buffs or equipment)
Add on equipment with Critical Rate +5%
Total Base Critical Rate is now: 20% + 5% = 25%

Character's Base Critical Rate is 20% (with no buffs or equipment)
Add on equipment with Critical Rate +5%
Total Base Critical Rate is now: 20% + (5/100 x 20) = 21%

Also notice certain equipments I advise to obtain +10 and above for enchantment stats. Such equipments gives good enchantment effects. Many people neglect the usefulness of DEF and MDEF, but theres a vast different between a Warmage with 1800 DEF and a Warmage with 2800 DEF. It is of course, better to enchant all equipments to +8 and above, but if you couldn't afford it, just focus on the Yeti Belt, Robe, Pants and Cupere Wings.

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