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(J3)Believer of “Magic is for Destruction!” (Warmage)
(S7)Job Change
3rd Job Change occurs at level 40. By speaking to <Arcanist> Pablo in Libra, he would give you a series of quests (2 quests if I’m not wrong). Upon completing it, he will job advance you to Warmage.

Just a short note, one of the quests requires you to obtain 200 combos in Smoldering Swamp. This could be easily done with a lower level weapon.

(S8)Warmage’s Skill Tree/description (Level 40-60)

(S9)Level 40-60 (Mid-Late/Late Phase) The town with no lights - Libra
Before I start preaching on anything again, I congratulate you for successfully achieving 3rd job advancement.

Once again, a few things to note when you reaches level 40.

Firstly, levelling from 45 onwards is a pain after the new patch. In fact, I have been spending days and nights cursing the new patch which makes Bubo less productive in terms of getting EXP. I couldn’t comment much on level 46 above due to the reason that I’m stuck at level 46 with little motivation to continuing levelling. But fear not, I’ll be back to provide a solid level 40-60 guide when I find the time to do so.

Secondly, the most frequently asked question by many level 35s, “Should I get my Lavalon Weapon?” Well here is what I think towards this issue, I suggest people who wanted to go for Lavalon to go for it only if you have the ability to earn cash in-game (or if you could buy them too). I really see no point in having a [Advanced] Lavalon Weapon +4 due to not being able to invest cash on it. Well, it is just my personal though towards this issues, really no harm if you go for it even though you couldn’t make 100Cash in-game. It’s pretty hard to collect 3 heart fragments (or 5 if you need cash for the recipe as well) given that the new patch deny level 40s from getting unlimited amount of keys every day.

(S10)Warmage’s skills build (Mid-Late/Late Phase)
Many things are required to put into consideration when deciding on Warmage’s skills build. To begin on this, I’ll start by showing you how I pump my Warmage at level 50 and level 60 respectively, and the go on to analyse each skills with you.

To level 50 -
To level 60 -

There are some differences between my level 50 build and my level 60 build. For level 50, I go with Mirror Image and Self Heal. Reason? Because I’ve made up my mind on getting my Aram Weapon. And to go against Aram/Mustisha, it is crucial to have these 2 skills in your arsenal. And to level 60, I removed, Self Heal due to the the X% of full MP consumption, and Mirror Image because I do not feel the need to sacrifice 1 level of Backdraft or Snowblues for this.

Meteor Strike
The most devastating spell a Warmage could have up to this point. Having the ability to dealt up to 10k damage (with 3000 MATK), it have a chance of hitting a crit. In my opinion, I don’t see the need to rush for this spell by level 50 because doing so will requires you to neglect certain spells like Backdraft and Snowblues. The long cooldown, cast time and the large amount of mana consume for this spell makes this a no-no in many situations.

Thunder Break
This spell is used to be a must have skill for all PvP Warmage. After a recent patch, Thunder Break is now an ACC base spell (which means it have a chance to miss or crit). Losing almost all its ability to damage high evade rate opponents in a PvP field. The only reason why you would want to pump this spell is that it makes it easier for us to chain a long combo in PvE. And for that, it shouldn’t go above level 1.

Spiral Cannon and Energy Buster
In my opinion, this are just two useless skills which is a required step to Meteor Strike. I don’t really see anything good from this 2 skills other than the decent amount of damage dealt.

Mirror image
A Skill Point consuming spell that granting the user 3 avatar which blocks all damage and effect done to you. It is a spell which will definitely piss your opponent off in PvP. I don’t see a need for this spell in PvE other than facing Aram or other dungeon boss. As for PvP, It would only grant the user 3 hit, and not 30 seconds. If a Trapper has set his eyes to launch and rip you in a PvP match, the 3 avatar (or maybe 1 or 2 if your level is low) wouldn’t make much difference to your possible eventual death.

Energy Transformation
With only 15 Skill Points required, it allows the caster to exchange his 300 HP for X amount of MP (depending on your skill level). With this spell, any Warmage could Energy Transformation x 3 -> Slow Heal -> repeat process. This will allow Warmage to kick the MP potions out of their inventory. Energy Transformation is just for use in PvE. It is unwise for any Warmage running to a corner of Labyrinth of Mystery and start replenish your mana with Energy Transformation.

(M12)Chaos Mirinae Sanctuary, The Hero’s Descent (level 45-49)
The Hero’s Descent is the Chaos Map of Mirinae Sanctuary. I’ve no clue why its call Hero’s Descent instead of Chaos Mirinae Sanctuary. The field map is a perfect place for farming and levelling for level 43 to 47.

A screenshot of the process of farming in Hero’s Descent

The field map of Hero’s Descent spawn mobs that have high droprates of items like Weapon Enhancement Powder, Slice of Cake, Yogurt .etc. On top of that, I raked 20% worth of EXP from 2 hours of Hero’s Descent, and received around 35 Weapon Enhancement Powder and 1 stack of souls. Overall, it serves as a good place for farming gold, cash and EXP.

(M13)Chaos Smoldering Swamp, (level 49-55)
The Chaos Smoldering Swamp is the Chaos map of Petrified Swamp. The field map is the perfect map for farming and leveling from 49 to 55.

The field map spawn monsters which have high droprates of Weapon Enhancement Powder, Slice of Cake, Yogurt .etc. I've gotten around 19% worth of EXP, 40+ Weapon Enhancement Powder and 1000+ souls from 2 hours of Chaos Smoldering farm.

The picture shown above, [Credit to Kenzai of IAHDragonica] Link: is the perfect farming locations for a party of 4 members. I advise every level 49 with decent ACC to constant grind at this map for Weapon Enhancement Powders, which can be saved for future uses or sell for Cash.

(M14)Chaos Ocher Forest(level 56-70)
Chaos Ocher Forest is the Chaos map of Ocher Forest. The Chaos Elluman Mission Maps can be found in this map. I suggest all level 56-70 Warmages to train at this map. Camping in the boss map is prove to be more effective then trying to clear the F4 stage quickly.

A team consisting of:
A) 1 Tanker (Oracle,Paladin, any other class), 1 Clocker (Paladin), 2 Attacker (Warmages)
B) 1 Tanker (Oracle, Paladin, any other class), 2 Attacker (Myrmidon), 1 Saver (Warmages)

Get the tanker to lure Elluman and tank it's attack at the left side of the map while allowing the rest of the party clear all the mobs which spawn constantly at the middle. With a help of a Paladin's Clock spell, Warmages will be able to spam Lightning Ball and Blizzard at a faster speed. This improves the speed of killing the mobs. As for Team B, 2 Myrmidon with a decent 6000ATK will be able to clear the whole mob spawn within 1 set combo. Team B formations ensure that everyone in the party the maximum possible amount of EXP from a Chaos Ocher Forest trip.

Chaos Elluman have 4 set of moves. (I will get the screenshot of the attacks soon when I'm tanking again!! =x)

1. Swing Attack (Knockdown)

2. Bat Rush (flinch)
The most painful spell casted by Elluman. To avoid this spell, stand as closely to his leg as possible.

3. Woodie Meteor (Knockdown)
Elluman will drop a large Woodie from the sky, causing a knockdown on any character whom he have hit dealing decent amount of damage.

4. Vines + Earthquake (Freeze)
The most dangerous spell casted by Elluman. A AOE ritual circle will show up on the ground, follow by vines coming out of the ground which will freeze anyone standing on it for a certain amount of period. Elluman will only freeze anyone whom he is targeting at the point of time. The Tanker must be able to survive his "Vines + Earthquake", "Swing Attack" and "Woodie Meteor" combo.

Sometimes, Elluman will cast the Vines + Earthquake attack on the Attackers which are at the right side of the map when he is at the left side fighting the Tanker.

Team A situation (2 Attacker [Warmages], 1 Clocker [Paladin]):
*If you are standing close to your partner, the other attacking Warmage. Constantly spam your blizzard. This is so that you will cast your Blizzard the moment you get un-freeze from Elluman. Spam HP potions during the freezing period to keep yourself alive.
*If you are standing away from your partner, the other attacking Warmage, and that only your partner get the hit by the Vines + Earthquake attack. Run to his back and constantly cast Blizzard and Snowblues on him. This way, you will be able to freeze any mobs which tries to get near to your partner. Be-careful not to get too near to the Ritual circle as you might get freezed as well.Casting Slow Heal is also a good idea which will help keep your partner stay alive.

Team B situation (2 Attacker [Myrmidon], 1 Saver [Warmage]):
*This is where the role of Saver comes into play. When 2 Myrmidon is present in a party. The 4th non-tanker party member are usually un-needed, and thus play the important Saver role. This role doesn't required to use a Shield of the Void too. When the killing starts, you are to stand as far apart away from the 2 Myrmidon as possible (usually the extreme right of the map will do). When the 2 attacking Myrmidon get freeze by Elluman's Vines + Earthquake attack, you're job is to get near them and spam your Blizzard and Snowblues on them. It is important to cast Slow Heal to keep the 2 Myrmidon alive too.

Mini-boss are Mission Maps boss that spawns in certain location in the world of Dragonica. They spawn at certain times (usually 2 hours 45 minutes after they have been last killed) at random places around certain maps. Mini-boss also spawn immediately have every maintenance, and 2 hours 45 minutes thereafter it have been killed.

Most of the mini-boss have a unique rare equipment that resemble them. These items are considered rare and and usually have good stats. The following is a list (incomplete, will update soon) of mini-boss with their equipments and spawn location.
(I apologize if I made a mistake here. This are all my general knowledge and educated assumptions! Hope someone can confirm with me!)

Mini-boss----------------Item-----------------Spawn location

Big Bad Wolf-----Big Bad Wolf Paw----------Crisis of Wind Plains
Vega-------------Vegas Stuffed Hat----------Crisis of Wind Plains
Tutu----------------????????????-------------Thieves' Hideout
Toto-----------Toto's Wooden Shield--------Thieves' Hideout
Whitetooth---Captain White Tooth's Hat----Wrath of Nautilus
Alvida------------Alvida's Picnic Hat----------Wrath of Nautilus
Artis----------------????????????--------------Dangerous Mecca
Night Lord---------Lightning Sabre-----------Dangerous Mecca
Bahamole-----------????????????------------Barlok's Lair
Sam Baba-----Sambaba's Horned Helm-----Barlok's Lair
Vella--------------Vella's Wing----------------Muddy Mire
Elluman----------Elluman's Crown------------Muddy Mire

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