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Default Path of Destructive Intelligence

=(H3)Introduction on Magician>Battlemage>Warmage
=(H4)The path of Intelligence
==(J1)The child who learns Magic (Magician)
===(S1)Magician Skill Tree/description (Level 1-20)
===(S2)Level 1-11 (Early Phase) Begins in Mystic Lane
====(T1)Gift Box
====(T2)HP/MP Eternity Potion (small)
====(T3)Parrot Feathers
====(T4)Monster Count
====(M1)Big Bad Wolf Mission Map(level 4-9)
====(T5)Magician’s Skills Build (Early Phase)
====(M2)Vega Mission Map(level 9-12)
====(T6)Rare Monster
====(T7)Equipping a Medal
====(S3)Level 11-16 (Early Phase)
====(T8)Set Items
====(M3)Tutu Mission Map(level 12-16)
====(M4)Toto Mission Map(level 16-20)
====(T10)Hidden Map
==(J2)Using Magic for destruction (Battlemage)
===(S4)Job Change
===(S5)Battlemage Skill Tree/description (Level 20-40)
===(S6)Level 20-25 (Early-Mid Phase) To Port of Wind
====(T11)Battlemage’s Skills Build (Early-Mid/Mid Phase)
====(T12)Getting a Pet
====(T13)Soul craft
====(M5)Whitetooth Mission Map(level 20-25)
====(T16)Knowing more about our Set Item
====(M6)Alvida Mission Map(level 25-30)
====(M7)Artis Mission Map(level 30-35)
====(M8)Night Lord Mission Map(level 35-37)
====(M9)Bahamole Mission Map(level 35-37)
====(T17)Chaos Mission Map
====(M10)Chaos Nautilus Port(level 35-37)
====(M11)Sambaba Mission Map(level 37-45)
==(J3)Believer of “Magic is Destruction” (Warmage)
===(S7)Job Change
===(S8)Warmage’s Skill Tree/description (Level 40-60)
===(S9)Level 40-60 (Mid-Late/Late Phase) The town with no lights – Libra
===(S10)Warmage’s skill builds (Mid-Late/Late Phase)
====(M12)Chaos Mirinae Sanctuary, The Hero’s Descent (level 45-49)
====(M13)Chaos Smoldering Swamp,(level 49-55)
====(M14)Chaos Ocher Forest(level 56-70)
=(H5)PvP (Player vs Player)
===(S11)The Art of PvPing
----------1. (T191)Roll (skills)
----------2. (T192)Air Escape (skills)
----------3. (T193)Equipment (supporting factor)
----------4. (T194)Saving your Teammate (supporting factor)
====(T20)Offensive Skills (cancel casting animation)
====(T21)Skill Analysis
----------1. (T211)What are the basic (must have) skill?
----------2. (T212)Why Magic Missiles and not Spiral Cannon + Point Buster?
----------3. (T213)Should I pump Thunder Break?
----------4. (T214)Is Meteor Strike useful in PvP?
----------5. (T215)Why Slow Heal and not Self Heal?
----------6. (T216)How many levels should I pump for my Mana Shield?
----------7. (T217)Define lock or combo with respect to Warmage.
====(T22)When ACC comes into play
===(S12)Building your first long term build

H- Heading
J- Job
S- Section
T- Tips
M- Mission Maps

I am WJayTee, a level 46 Warmage from IAH Dragonica Elga server. I’ve started Dragonica after learning this game’s existence from my friends at around Mid July. I got addicted into this game due to the PvP features. Everything I do in the game, every equipment I farm, every skills I pump, I set it to PvP>PvE priority. At around Late August, I stayed at level 40 for around 3weeks to farm for my lavalon fragments, and by early September, I got all my 3 fragments with 20kcash. Unfortunately, I was hacked and completely wiped clean. That destroyed my motivation to continue levelling from 45 to 5X.

I enjoy reading guides and walkthrough a lot. (Strategy) guides from BRADYGAMESŪ are my favourites as it teaches us everything we need to know in the game. I dislike reading guides that fails to enlighten me towards the game in any way, and thus, I aim to write a guide, that will answer all my audiences doubt and bring their games further forward with tips that I’ve learn from my experiences.

I personally enjoy writing guide a lot as it requires me to explore the game more. I would say this is more of a “walkthrough” write out than a guide as I wrote everything in a level-by-level storyline basis and also sharing a lot of personal experiences with you. Beware as my guide is wordy, I aim to help my targeted audience (beginners whom are completely new to Dragonica and are interested in starting a career with destructive magician). Search through the guides for contends that you are looking for if you find my writings naggy. I’ve done several Walkthrough of different PS2 games. This is the first time I’ve actually tried to do a guide for a MMORPG game so I hope it is as productive as I wish it would be.

I’ll first like to thank...

• My audience for taking the time off to read this guide. Many of my friends have advised me to reduce the number of words and put more pictures into it. But my aim is to help beginners whom are completely new to Dragonica, and not to entertain players whom already know what is going on in this game.

• NinaWang for giving me the idea of naming this guide. I wouldn’t be continuing Dragonica if not for the gold and items you threw to me when I got wiped completely.

• Zinc AKA Ferociousx for the wonderful Banner in 10mins and a small congratulation to you for achieving your PvP goals.

• Kroenen AKA LadyLoL for taking your time off during Hari Raya days to help me with the videos.

• Jokerinc AKA Legnanih for taking time off from levelling your main to party level my GuideHero. A lot of Thanks to you for helping me over several occasions in RL without asking for paybacks.

• DefaultZzz for convincing me to pick the Path of Destructive Intelligence in Dragonica. All the items you gave me have made my game far more easier compared to others, and yet you did not asked for a payback in return.

• Credit to Kroova for his/her guide [Set Item Drop (Reward) Locations v2]. Your guide has helped me through countless time in this game.

• Kowiz for helping me fix the problems with my videos!! <333

• Wapzz and Irie for educating me on the max amount of stats obtainable from different levels of Set Items.

• Flauhs for showing me the ropes in PvP. You've taught me countless things in PvP!

(H3)Introduction to Magician>Battlemage>Warmage
Battlemages are one of the most wanted classes in PvE Dragonica. Known for its big AOE spells and high damage output, they are capable of clearing big MOBs at great ease and having no problem pulling a long chain of combos at the same time.

The Pros of Battlemages are that we only require options like INT and VIT. Other options like STR, Critical Damage and Critical Rate are pretty useless for us.

The Cons of Battlemages are that we have extremely low HP. Even with 100VIT, we could easily get knock out but other classes like myrm and harle in PvP matches. But nevertheless, I still recommend players who PvPs to pump VIT>INT priority for their Warmage as we already have a big enough Mana pool and damage output could be replaced by our weapon. As for PvE, a balanced VIT/INT Warmage should have no problem doing all the MMs.

(H4)Path of Destructive Intelligence

(J1)The child who learns Magic (Magician)
(S1)Magician’s Skill Tree/description (Level 1-20)

(S2)Level 1-11 (Early Phase) Begins in Mystic Lane
Everyone started out in one of the 4 basic towns according to our classes. We being magician will start out in the middle of Mystic Lane. The time period of levelling from Lv.1 to Lv.20 should not take more than 40 hours if you are consistent in completing Hero Quests.

Speaking of Hero Quests, you might ask what they are. Hero Quests are being marked as a red exclamation mark on the map. They are quests which are essential for us to do in order to move forward in the game. It has a storyline linked altogether which I wouldn’t go much into to spoil it. Whereas, Adventure Quests, marked as yellow exclamation mark are “normal” individual quest which we would take to earn rewards like EXP and/or Items.

A simple start is to talk to Pablo to start the Sorcery Test (1) quest, and to talk to <Guard>Guffy to start the Counterattack of the Wolves Hero Quest. The task is pretty easy and it gives you decent EXP too. You might want to take all the other Adventure Quests you can find in town to rake up as many EXP as possible. After all, there is no harm cancelling those quests later on. By completing all the Adventure Quests and follow the string of Hero Quests, you would have no problem reaching Lv.3 and start your Big Bad Wolf Mission.

Don’t bother spending gold buying new weapon for yourself, instead, hunt them from Mission Maps. There is no harm repeating a Mission Map over again for any amount of time after completing them. After all, if you were to get a Godly weapon, you wouldn’t use it for more than the next 30 hours in game.

Remember to pick up all Wanted – [Insert monster name here] Quests. They are taken from sign boards located around the world map of Dragonica. These are quests which give you decent EXP and only require you to kill a given amount of a specific monster.

It helps a lot if you make an attempt to complete all Adventure Quests. Not only does it give you EXP, it rewards you with early games equipments which could buff you up slightly.

(T1)Gift Box
Gift Box are boxes which contain a number of fixed items which will be rewarded to you when you reached certain levels. Such items are usually Cash items which include Insurance Scroll, Shop Licenses and Parrot Feathers .etc. Upon opening a Gift Box, there will be a little firework animation on top of the character’s head. Give Box can be found in your "use" inventory.

(T2)HP/MP Eternity Potion (Small)
You will receive a HP and MP Eternity Potion (Small) by opening up Gift Box

These are useful red and blue potions which could heal your HP and MP respectively. It could heal up to 25000 worth of HP or MP. Every dose of the potion you take will fully heal your HP or MP. So let’s say if I always heal my HP when my HP reaches 100/300. I would fully heal 200HP after taking one dose, and I could use my potion 125 times given if I only use my Potion when my HP reaches 100/300 exactly.
So a small note to everyone, just spam those Potion when you need to. After all, it’s given to you for free! =D

(T3)Parrot Feathers
Feathers are regarded as a valuable item regardless of the level. 3% of your EXP are being deducted if you get knock out in Field Maps. They are use to revives the dead anywhere with EXP, HP, and MP fully restored.

As Parrot feathers are only usable at Lv.1 to 19, I suggest you saving them for later usage when you reaches Lv.15>. As EXP you get at Lv.15 and below are easily retrieved when lost.

(T4)Monster Count
Monster Count (the number on the bottom right screen) records the number of monster you kill in the Field Map (NOT Mission Map). At 100, 300, 500, 700, 1000 intervals, a chest corresponding to your character level is rewarded to you. Monster Count will reset upon receiving the 5th chest. However, the number will also reset if your character logoff. The chest contains random items depending on the character’s level. The most common item received in a chest is a Gada Coin.

(M1)Big Bad Wolf Mission Map(level 4-9)
What are Mission Maps?
Mission Maps are maps that contains a lot of mobs for faster EXP grinding. There are 5 stages in a Mission Map, the 5th stage is the "story-line" map which is required to finish for Hero Quests.

Big Bad Wolf Mission Map is located at North Windia Plains. I completed the 5 stages (F1,2,3,4,5) alone.

As far as I notice, it have 5 attacks. (I made the names up) The effect of the Boss spell is shown beside the name. Knockdown is the effect of getting hit and dropping onto the floor. In Dragonica, when your character get knockdown, you are able to perform a roll-away towards the direction in which you click when your character lands on the ground. Flinching is the animation of moving back when being hit by an attack.

The animation of moving back when being hit by an attack:

1. Charge attack – Knockdown

Big Bad Wolf would charge up by drawing his energy on his front paws before casting his Charge attack

2. Roar attack - Knockdown

Big Bad Wolf will lean back and charge up a beam of energy in his mouth before casting his roar attack

3. Bite Attack - Flinch
I couldn’t capture this attack as It seldom uses it, and I have problem clicking [fn] [prt sc] when it does. [Poor multi-tasker again!] =((

4. [Advanced] Claw attack (with a tiny tornado that travels a long range) - Flinch

Big Bad Wolf will draw back his paws and charge up before casting this move. This could be easily spotted by the glowing light on his paws and the ritual circle found under his foot.
I couldn’t capture the tornado as I was busying avoiding it. (Poor multi-tasker)=(

5. [Normal] Claw attack - Flinch

Similar to the [Advanced] Claw attack but without the glowing light and ritual circle.

Try to stay far from the boss and spam your X button. Avoid its attack by dashing up/down. Its HP goes down pretty fast and don’t forget to use your HP/MP Eternity Potion when you need to.

After defeating Big Bad Wolf 4star, you will have to come back and beat him once more on F5. The Big Bad Wolf in F5 have the same attacking pattern as the rest, so use the same tactic against him,

I suggest dismantling Items you received while completing F1-4 as it doesn’t cost much if you sell it to the NPC.

(T5)Magician’s skills build (Early Phase)
Most of the beginner magicians like to ask, “WHAT SHOULD I PUMP FOR MY LVL.10 MAGE???” Well my answer is pretty simple, pump whatever you like. As you are now at Lv.10 which I consider early phase, you will spend less than 40 hours at this job, so why not just pump anything you wish to play with and have fun before you couldn’t when you reach the next job? After all, you could reset all your skills when you reach Lv.20 (Job change level).

But before you start random pumping your skills, there are 2 skills which I think it is a MUST HAVE for all low level magicians. One being Slow Heal and the other being Magic Enhancement. Reason being? Pretty obvious, to heal yourself and to increase your MATK respectively. As for Focus, I suggest pumping that skill when you reach Level 15 and above or having at least 1000 MP due to the massive MP consumption.

So, for those lost souls who is still pondering on what type of skills to pump. I will briefly introduce the 2 set of attacking skills that the Magician class have.

1st set: The combo skills
The tree located at the higher part of the table, namely skill no.6, 7, 8. These are skills which are meant for use to chain a long combo. If you find chaining a long string of combo fun when clearing MMs, you should pump this set of skills. As of how to pull a combo with these spells, I wouldn’t teach on that. As I believe technical stuffs are learnt rather than taught. But fear not, there are plenty of guides, namely The ultimate mage guide! by Klarity which have a precise and detailed write out on how to create certain combos with this set of skills.

2nd set: The damage skills
This is the set of skills located at the bottom left side of the table, namely skill no.9, 10, 11. These are skills which are meant to damage the opponent. If you find clearing MMs are too long and drag-gy, you should pump these set of moves as it allows you to spam the cannon which could dealt a decent amount of damage to the opponents. The Cons bout this set of spells is that it consumes MP a lot. So be prepare to stock up your inventory with Water or MP potions, and of course, don’t forget your MP Eternity Potion (small).

(M2)Vega Mission Map(level 9-12)
Vega Mission Map is located at Windia Plains. Vega has the same exact attacking pattern as Big Bad Wolf.

This time, not only do you face Vega, you would also face another mini-boss which will be at the same Mission Map. The mini-boss is none other than Big Bad Wolf himself. The Big Bad Wolf has far more HP compared to the normal Ember Wolf in the map. Here is the thing, the mission will be over once Vega is down, it’s not necessary to kill both the mini-boss (Big Bad Wolf) and Vega himself. But if you are up for the challenge, no harm killing Big Bad Wolf too.

Same tactic applies to Vega as to Big Bad Wolf, avoid all its attack by dashing up or down and same rules apply, stay far away from him and spam your X button.

I manage to Screenshot a picture of the tiny tornado from the [Advanced] Claw Attack.

A short note, Vega has a different appearance on F3 and 4 form F1 and 2, but that doesn’t change its attacks. In fact, the future Boss has different appearances on F1, 2 and 3, 4. But all of them still have the similar attacks throughout the whole 5 stages of the MM.

Items that are received as rewards in this MM can be dismantle for souls, or equipped if possible.

(T6)Rare Monster
I got really lucky today to stumble into one of the spawn time of a rare monster in Windia Plains and West Traitor’s Ridge. I caught a screenshot of it too.

Rare monster are upgraded monster. They cannot be launched. They spawn at certain time in random places of certain Field Maps. An example is Hizzi (upgraded) spawning at Windia Plains. (Not to confuse with Captain Whitetooth and Alvida spawning at the Hidden map, Wrath of Nautilus.) Some rare monsters drop equipments with awesome stats. Other than that, defeating a rare monster will result in a map broadcast (Only the people in the same map as you could see it) of a line which goes something like “[Insert Boss name here] have been defeated by [Insert Character name here]!” and some armor or weapon enhancement powder, or both.

A short note, certain Mission Map boss spawns at certain location around the world of Dragonica. Such boss includes Vega, Tutu, Artis, Whitetooth etc. These are mini-boss which upon defeating will have a slight chance of dropping an equipment. I will talk more on this during the later part.

(T7)Equipping a Medal
Medals are trinkets that are rewarded to players for certain achievements (yes, dying 500 times is considered an achievement). By equipping medals, you would get extra bonus stats from them and also the title of the medal displaying on top of the character name.

As of now when I’m writing this, I have had obtained 3 medals with stats.
1. Take it Like a Rookie! VIT +1 (Reach character level 10),
2. Rookie Adventurer ATK Speed +2.0% (Complete 10 Adventure Quests),
3. Rookie Hero ATK Speed +2.0%/ Movement Speed +2.0% (Complete 10 Hero Quests).

I would recommend equipping the Rookie Hero medal as it gives you an increment of 2.0% in ATK speed and Movement Speed (slightly better than Rookie Adventurer). The medal Take it Like a Rookie! Isn’t suitable for you now as of 2 reasons, adding 1 VIT in early game doesn’t make much a difference, and it’s more essential to add your ATK speed given the fact that you are spamming your X button for majority of the time.

(S3)Level 11-20 (Early Phase)
Farming in Field Map is still productive as each monster gives you about 0.20%.

NPCs in West Traitor’s Ridge gives a lot of Adventure Quests. All the Adventure Quests' task are linked together.

The reason for taking this Adventure Quests is simple. From my personal Experiences, it took me a few hours to get into a good decent “public” party which could stay and grind with me in Tutu’s and Toto’s MM. Majority of the time, I encounter players which either leave the party in the middle of the map without any words or warning, go Kamakazi and get killed or leave after doing 1 F4 MM. I advise you to rather spend this time completing the Adventure Quests as farming in Field Map is still productive. It would be better if you could get a few close friends around your level to stay with you for a few good hours to grind in Tutu’s and Toto’s MM.

Constantly grind at Toto F4 Mission Map until you reach level 20 for your job change.

(T8)Set Items
Set Items are 6 piece equipments which when worn at certain number, would give bonus stats. These equipments start with the same name and are followed by the body parts, e.g. Yorchild Hood, Yorchild Gloves, Yorchild Robe etc.

Let’s take Yorchild set for example, according to In-game description. 3Set Bonus Effect: DEF +23, 6Set Bonus Effect: MP Recovery +30.0%. So If I’m equipped with 3 Yorchild items regardless of which part, I will gain a bonus of 23 DEF, and if I’m equipped with 6 Yorchild items, I will gain a bonus of both 23 DEF and additional of 30.0% MP recovery. Bonus stats obtain from Set items varies with different sets.

An example of a Lv.10 Set Glove and a Lv.47 Set Boots

Set items are only available at certain levels (..Lv.20, 27, 34, 40..etc.) and it is soulbound (which means once you equipped it, it can only be worn by you and not other people) when equipped.

I advise skipping set items of level 20 AND below as it doesn’t provide the bearer with good stats. On top of that, it is far more productive to spend the time levelling up rather than farming for these set items which you would only wear for the next 15hours or so.

(M3)Tutu Mission Map(level 12-16)
Tutu Mission Map is located at West Traitor’s Ridge. Tutu is companied by Vega when you fought him at the boss map.

The F1 and 2 map of this Boss can still be done solo but it requires a lot of dodging of the attacks from the boss, potions and time. I advise players to find a party when clearing the F3 and 4 of Tutu Mission Map. (I used 3 Parrot Feathers when attempting to clear F1 and 2 of Toto Mission Map alone)

Tutu has 4 different attacks.

1. Charge attack – knock down

Tutu will charge up before he cast his charge attack. He will “run on the spot” like how Roberto Carlos will when he do his Free-Kick.

2. Slash attack – Flinch

Tutu will swing his axe behind before unleashing his Slash attack. (never mind the green spots in the picture, its caused by the healing spell casted by the Oracle)

3. Throw Axe – double hit flinch

Tutu will swing his axe behind before unleashing throwing his axe. His axe will travel forward and the return back to him. You would be damaged two times if you get hit when his axe travel forward and return back to him. It works something like the spell wild axe casted by BeastMaster in Defences of The Ancient (DoTA). Again, don’t bother about the vacuum spot found on the floor behind Tutu, it was one of the spell by the Oracle again.

4. Moving tornado – knockdown

Tutu will swing his axe backward sideways before unleashing this attack. Upon casting this move, he will swing around like a tornado as shown above and travel a short distance causing damage and knocking you down.

Vega will show up in this boss’s MM as a mini-boss. The reason why you don’t see him in some of my screenshots was because my friend killed him before I tried to screenshot it.

Start the battle by casting Slow Heal on yourself. (By now your Slow Heal should be around level 4.)This will give you some extra HP when fighting him. Avoid his attack by dashing away when you see him charge up.

Dash rapidly upwards or downwards when you see Tutu “run on the spot” or swing his axe backward charging for a Charge and Throw Axe attack respectively as this attack travel a straight distance. Whereas if you see him swing his hand backward sideway charging for a Moving tornado attack, dash rapidly AWAY from him as his spin towards you is slightly homing, so beware of this point.

Stay away from him, spam your X button and be patient. You should have no problem defeating him.

(M4)Toto Mission Map(level 16-20)
Toto Mission Map is located at East Traitor’s Ridge. Toto is companied by his orc brother Tutu. Both of them dealt some painful damage to us. Tutu has the same attacks as his in his Mission Map. As for Toto, he has 5 different attacks. 4 of it being the same as Tutu, and the 5th being a Tornado spin on the spot.

Tornado spin on the spot

The four rule of fighting Toto:
First, DO NOT stay close to Toto. Reason being obvious, make use of your range ability and attack Toto from far. Don’t get caught by his Tornado spin on the spot.
Second, be patient against Toto. If it requires you to sacrifice doing 3 hits on him to prevent you from getting 150HP damage from him, make that sacrifice.
Third, be bright and fast. If you see Toto charge up for an attack, stop attacking and dash away unless he is charging for an attack at the opposite direction.
Fourth, DON’T be conservative towards your HP and MP potion. Drink them if needed to stay alive.

Follow these 4 rules of fighting Toto, and you would have no problem getting him down.

I suggest dismantling the Lv.20 weapons awarded away for souls as it’s only worth 23silver if you sell it to the NPC.

STOP grinding when you reach level 20 and proceed to Port of Wind to do your job change quest. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! I’ll explain this on the Job Change section.

Durability condition can be view by mousing over your equipment. All equipments have different values for their durability. I’m not too sure what are the effects and condition that causes durability to drop so I wouldn’t comment much on this section.

Every time when equipment reaches a near 0 value for durability, the game will prompt you by displaying a figure map with red shaded on it, indicating the part(s) which need to be repair. Durability value can be reset by repairing it with the Blacksmith in every town for a cost.

(T10)Hidden Map
Hidden Map are dropped from F4 Mission Map boss.

What are Hidden Maps?

Picture showing a Devil’s Soulstone drop and its appearance on the Misc. window.

Hidden Maps are Maps that will teleport you to certain places that cannot be found on the Continent Map of Dragonica. These places spawn mobs that will drop a Misc. item which every people who are eager to explore the Chaos Map will wants, Devil’s Soulstones.

Devil’s Soulstones are Misc. items which cannot be traded/ sell in shops/ Mail attachment or registered at Open Market. They are used to exchange for Void Stone and Chaos Map Scroll which will teleport us to the world of darkness and beyond. I will elaborate more on Chaos Map on the later part of the guide.

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