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Default Hiding from Sight - The Path of a Ninja

Welcome to Minorin's guide to being a Ninja in Dragonica. In this guide, I will share with you my experiences with you in the path of a ninja. I would be focusing more on a PvE Ninja guide for now since i do not pvp much.

Table of content

1)Basic of a thief/assassin/ninja
3)Skills Build
3A - Thief
3B - Assassin
3C - Ninja
4)Job Changing
5)Training Location
6)Set Equipment/Equipment

The Basic of a Ninja

A extract from Wikipedia
A ninja or shinobi (忍者) was a covert agent or mercenary of feudal Japan specializing in unorthodox arts of war. The functions of the ninja included espionage, sabotage, infiltration, assassination, as well as open combat in certain situations.
As what is stated above, our playing style would relies on us dodging attack, hiding and attacking enemies from behind. We cannot go head on against a boss because of our low hp, which is why we have to rely on careful maneuvers in Mission Maps to dodge attacks and yet at the same time, do the most damage.

Unlike our brother class, Jester or Harlequin who has alot of AoE(Area of Effect) skills(referring to doing damage to lots of mob at the same time), we as a ninja prefer to take on mobs 1 on 1. In addition, the party buff we get increases our critical rate which gives us more chance on critical attack to double our damage. This makes us very effective boss killers.

In dragonica, one good thing about stats is that you dont have to rack ur brain about which stats to put. Additional stats are gotten from equipments. Which leaves us to which stats on the equipment we should get.

Agility is very important to us.(Ever heard of a slow ninja or thief) It affects our dodge rate and accuracy.
Strength comes next as it affect the amount of damage.
Vitality is what affect our hp.

So in accordance to the most important stat i would go for
Agi > Str > Vit


In this section, I'm going to list the skills you should at least have.


Skill List

Skills build
Air Combo Launch Lvl 1
Cutdown Lvl 1
Aerial Frenzy Lvl 5
Rocket Punch! Lvl 5
Nosel Tuning Lvl 5
Vitality Lvl 1
Dexterity Lvl 5

I like this build as it helps us level very quickly by doing Mission maps and quest.
Aerial frenzy 5 for damage against normal mobs
Rocket punch with nosel tuning gives us the much needed damage against boss. Dexterity lvl 5 gives us 10agi which is just a bonus for us at this stage since we do not have much useful skills to put. Since double attack does not affect Aerial frenzy, i would just forgo it.
Not much we can do in the thief class.(Luckily for us we get a rookie skills reset for lvl 1-19 from the gift box we get from the first hero quest so dont forget to reset your skills at lvl 19!)


Skill list

Skill build
Air Combo Launch Lvl 1
Aerial frenzy lvl 5

Ambush lvl 5
Violent Blow lvl 5
Throwing Dagger lvl 5
Swift Attack lvl 5
Claw Blocking lvl 5
Dagger Mastery lvl 5
Burrow lvl 1
Shadow walk lvl 2

Congrats on becoming a Assassin, now we are 1 step closer to being a ninja!
If you used your reset scroll, we can free up a bunch of skills points to put into our new assassin skills. However i would like to keep aerial frenzy because ambush is a new skill that can launch your enemy into air, and without aerial frenzy we would just watch the mob fall back into the ground again.(We dont want that....we wanna kill it )

Violent Blow is a 5 hits skill with good damage and a small AoE(it can attack up to 7 mob).

Throwing dagger would be our main source of damage. Do not underestimate it because it sounds weak...(Har Im throwing dagger at you now DIE) Why? Because of the passive skill dagger mastery, at max lvl we get to throw out 7 dagger! Imagine each dagger dealing 2k each. Thats a total of 14k damage.

Swift attack would be our secondary skill. Because of its long cooldown of 6s(dagger is only 1s) we cant spam it. But that doesnt mean we shouldnt use it at every opportunity when facing large group of mobs. Just think of it as a omnislash(Cloud FFVII). We can attack up to 10 mobs at 1 time and knock them down.

Claw blocking allows us to block attack when equip with katar.This gives us another option to prevent us from getting damaged beside evading them.

Dagger mastery explained.

Burrow doesnt do much at higher lvl so let's keep it at 1. Burrow is super useful in preventing knockdown that could break your combo.So when you know you cant run out of the way of an attack that would knock you down, burrow! and un-burrow to continue you combo chain

Shadow walk at lvl 2 to get swift attack. Lets you walk while being stealth at the expense of movement speed and mana. Higher lvl means lower movement speed decreased.


Skill list
~~~~~Creating one in the meantime use this instead~~~~~

Skill Build

Ninja Frenzy lvl 1
Cherry Blossom Shower lvl 1
Leaf Fall lvl 1
Mist Vanish lvl 1
Sky Penetration lvl 1
Devilstorm Dart lvl 2
Blade Forging lvl 5
Hypnotizer lvl 1
Shadow Leap lvl 5
Wood Rush lvl 5
Perfect Strike lvl 5

Finally we are on the third class. Ninja! Now now before you go off killing mobs, time to get your ninja skills.

Ninja Frenzy. The skills that transform you into a ninja and its the main point of us playing ninja class right? In this mode, however, you can only attack with normal attack and ninja skills such as cherry blossom shower etc. The animation for aerial frenzy is changed as well.

Cherry blossom shower is a skill to launch enemies into air and we need it at lvl 1 to get leaf fall.(Useable in Ninja Frenzy)

Leaf fall is a mediocre attacking skill but we need it at lvl 1 to get Mist Vanish.(Useable in Ninja Frenzy)

Mist Vanish is a weaker version of violet blow that stabs the mobs in front of you 3 times.(Useable in Ninja Frenzy)

Sky penetration is the skill we want to get. Its our AoE skill for ninja. Ever seen a warrior churning out a tornado to attack? This is our version of it!(Useable in Ninja Frenzy)

Whats a ninja without his throwing weapon. Now we get to throw things beside daggers. We throw a huge shuriken in devilstorm dart. Although it is a cool skill, the damage isnt as great as throw daggers. So in my personal opinion, i would put it at lvl 2 so as to get wood rush. However i have been reading that since the cooldown is at 2s, it is another skill to spam beside daggers in mission map.

Blade Forging is a skill to get if you are getting devilstorm dart. It adds a bleeding effect, causing the mobs that got hit by dagger to lost 15hp per second for 18s. Another effect is that the monster hp would be reduced by 15% of his max hp and it would not regenerate back this lost HP. For example a mob that has 100 hp was hit by devilstorm blade, its new max hp would be at 85 only. Whats great about this skill is that it works on all mobs and pvp. Only boss are not affected by it.

Hypnotizer a skill in which we blow out a area of dust in front of us that inflict sleep status on enemy. While sleeping the enemy would not move or attack. Attacking it would cause it to 'wake up' and regain movement. Its a useful pvp skill but i will keep it at lvl 1 to save up skill points.

Shadow Leap allows us to 'leap' to the nearest enemy and attack it from behind. Allows us to close in on enemy easily to melee them. Since we would be using this quite often max lvl it for the damage.

Wood Rush. After a 1.5s cast time, we toss out a rolling log with spike outta no where that rolls forward for like 10s. What i like about this skill is that it reduces the mobs movement speed and accuracy for a certain period of time. Toss it out before you start a engaging a boss to make the fight easier for you.

Perfect strike is the highest damaging skill in the ninja class, dealing up to 600% of your normal attack at max lvl. The only draw back is that it only hit 1 enemy at a time.

Job Changing

Thief -----> Assassin

At level 20, we get to change our job into a Assasin. For the job change, visit Cyndi in Port of Wind. She would be on the balcony of the inn. Talk to her and she would tell you to tell you to take down white tooth in F4 to prove that you are strong enough.This isnt too hard, just grab a party that are doing job change as well and you would be fine. Just watch out for those razor crab. They do not flinch on attack and they hurt alot. Leave them to mages or archers.

Assassin ------> Ninja

I hope you have been doing your hero quest. Because you would need to complete your hero quest to change your job. Refer to Hero Quests List to check which quest you are up to. Search for Unfinished Bussiness in that thread

The NPC you would need to find is Pablo and he is located in Libra. The first quest he gives you would not be easy, as it involves taking down Lavalon, a very strong boss with 28mil hp. Taking down it would not be as easy like the first job change, I would recommand finding a good party to help you. Thankfully it is easy to get a party with high lvl people as they would all be hunting Lavalon heart fragment for making weapon. So just head over to Lavalon entrance at the top of Valid Reath and create a party to get help.

After killing Lavalon,return to Pablo to complete the quest and the next step would be getting a 200 hit combo at smoldering swamp which is 2 map east(right) of Libra. This should be easy compared to the first part Do this and return to Pablo and congrats! You are now a Ninja~Nin, nin~

Training Location

Now it comes to the favorite question.Where do i train! There is no need to follow my training location, but this is what i feel is fastest for lvling.

1 ~ 20 Just follow your Hero mission and do Mission map at Vega and Big Bad wolf.
20 ~ 30 Mission map Tutu, Toto, White Tooth, Avivda
30 ~ 38 Artis
35 ~ 40 Sambaba(This really depends.You need a min accuracy of 125 to hit anything inside and you need good friends willing to train you at SBB )
40 ~ 45 Sambaba, Chaos Avivda
45 ~ 50 Chaos hero descent(devil soulstone needed)
50 ~ 60 Mimir King Bubo, Chaos Smoldering Swamp

Set Equipment

Set equipment are special equipment that have bonus when a few part or the whole set is equipped. When the whole set is equipped, a special glow would hover around your character. NOTE: Set equips are all soulbounded on equip.Which means once you equip that item, you can no longer trade it away.So do not equip it unless you really are sure that you need it

There are 2 kinds of set equipment that you can get from Mission maps. The normal Mission map and the Chaos Mission map.The difference would the bonus these set would give.

Which set i would recommand to get would be the akuma set and then fenris set. These 2 set are enough for leveling. Once you enter the world of pvping, mixing set for bonus becomes one of the important things you should learn. (For example 2 of each set from fenris, kestrel, oni gives high evade as the bonus from each different set adds up)

Normal Set

Lvl 16 Rogue
Lvl 20 Cloud
Lvl 27 Akuma
Lvl 34 Dust

Set bonus
2 parts - Evade
4 parts - Str
6 parts - Critical Rate


Lvl 40 Fenris
Lvl 47 Kestrel
Lvl 54 Oni

Set bonus
2 parts - Evade
3 parts - Str
5 parts - Critical Rate
6 parts - Attack Speed

Chaos set
Lvl 27- Chaos Akuma
Lvl 34- Arid Dust

Set bonus
2 parts - hp recovery
4 parts - Agi
6 parts - Accuracy


Lvl 40 Snow Fenris
Lvl 47 Flame Kestrel
Lvl 54 Wildfire Oni

Set bonus
2 parts - hp recovery
3 parts - Agi
5 parts - Accuracy
6 parts -Critical damage


Next is weapon. On weapon we have another option beside stats. We can get critical damage from 20% - 40%. Do not mix up with critical rate, what we want is damage not rate. This is much needed option for us if we want to maximize our damage output. So keep a lookout for weapons with critical damage option.

For accessory, get accuracy so that you can hit.As what my friend in Ragnarok Online told me long ago....Whats th use of high damage when it doesnt hit
Look for items with stats in the following fashion

Accuracy > Crit dmg > Evade rate > Agi


Depending on the situation you are in, choose between accuracy and crit damage wisely.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~

And that would be the end of my guide. My guide is just a stepping stone for all you ninja wannabe, so dont be afraid to test things out(chosing equipments,getting different skill builds) who might end up even stronger then me! Nothing ventured, Nothing gained!

Thanks for reading and happy Dragonica-ing. Feel free to comment or correct me on anything. I wont bite

Will be updating this guide with pictures soon stay tuned

Credits to Kenzai and Crimson Moon on the IAH dragonica forum. I am using Kenzai's post on the list of Hero's quest and Crimson Moon's skill list of Assasin and Ninja.

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