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after seeing Flay naked:
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Originally Posted by Clario
I saw the title and instantly read the guide.

I only used the whole "Cirno's Perfect Wizard Class" because I love Cirno. Also, this isn't a "perfect" guide, just like Cirno's Perfect Math Class wasn't so perfect. :3

It's very nice, and summarizes the class builds pretty well.

Thanks! It's only half done. I figured it was "done enough" for it to be a guide, but I plan on adding a few more specifics such as mobs to train on until level 80.

I guess I'm 'There Can Only Be Fire' then. Not very Cirno-ish. Maybe more Mokou.

Eh, well, the title is like that so I don't have to say "There Can Only Be Fire/Wind/Earth/Water!", since that would just seem silly and confusing. I should've just said "Elemental Pride" or some such.

Also, as a tip, maybe you should include the fact that Wizards can't air-skill (except with Blink) and need to PvP for it. Just for the people that didn't know that and are coming from other classes that can.

You mean magic concentration. Yeah though, I SHOULD add that. Thanks for the tip!

Also, for Elemental Prostitute, you could potentially have two hard hitting elements by using a Bat Heart, which is only really useful at a low level, IMO. Could be wrong about this.

You are correct, but I'm thinking like this "WTF has enough money to get a bat heart? Better yet, how many bat hearts are there?" I can also add this if I knew what each bat heart added. This way, a funded person can take a little something extra from this guide.
Responses in bold. This guide is NOT done yet, so expect there to be some more when I get my mind right/get extra time. I can also ask my knuckle buddy to tell me what he did... But to be honest... The Knuckle Build is a terrible waste of money and time in so many ways.
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