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after seeing Flay naked:
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IGN: Evey
Class: The Master Of Coli Pickle Sticks: Queen Weinerlooks
Level: 14X
Guild: TrueHeaven

Must Haves
  • Up to date elemental stones enchanted for min/max damage (unless you use a dagger only build)
  • Armor enchanted for stamina, and luck second. (if you have the cash)
  • A shield enchanted for stamina/eva in the second hands-equip-slot (unless you already use one)

  1. If you are low on money, don't worry. Do quests to gain enough ely for skills and don't worry about updating to every set of armor or every weapon.
  2. Stamina is the most important enchantment for a mage. Magic is second. And when it comes to shoes, speed or physical evasion are helpful. For your gloves, always use magic (or physical for dagger-only) critical damage.
  3. If for some reason your skills are in a cool down state, as well as your pots, switch to your shield and duck. Only do this if you CAN NOT get away from the monsters. It may just save you the trouble of having to get back 3% exp.
  4. Grinding is very efficient for level 1-20, but after that, quests begin getting slightly better and better (in terms of pots, ely and exp). The mobs needed for quests are often ones you can/should be training on anyway. Some argue that pure grinding is faster, but it's also duller and can make you poorer.

Ways to pick your final class for level 80
There's only three REAL ways to pick your final job. I'll provide the best ways to do so without having to listen to biased opinions. Go ahead and pick a way, the first is the best way and they get lamer and lamer as it goes down the line. (It doesn't mean the last one is terrible, it just means it's not the best way to ensure you'll like the class you pick).

Way One

Way Two

Way Three

Remember, when you are beginning to feel discouraged while playing as a wizard... Just think like Cirno.


Where to Grind:
1-4 Pirings
5-7 Purple Beetles/Wolves
8-12 Husus/Boars
12-18 Boglee/Bogle
19-22 Goblins (At Pluton Temple)/Silk Worms
23-26 Brown Bears/Ants
27-30 Black beetles/Pumpkin Jacks
30-40 Level 30 Wisp/Goblins
40-55 Mountain Pigs/Super Pigs/Moth Men or various monsters in the Fairy Tale area
56-60 Various monsters in the pyramid (Elfa Quests are very good too)
60-67 Crabs or level 60 Wisps/Goblins
67-80 Neo Navies/Lilput Freeway mobs or continue to grind at level 60 Goblins

Remember, party-play is way faster than soloing. So you should get at least one other person and go grind like there's no tomorrow for faster leveling. Make sure they're around your skill/funding level, though. . . And try to not over do it. If the mobs are taking forever to spawn, chances are, you have too many people on one map. Also, if you want to stop and do quests, feel free to do it. Most quests revolve around the monsters mentioned, however, other monsters mentioned in quests are SOMETIMES decent for grinding as well.
"He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day!"

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