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Default Cirno's Perfect Magic Class

May or may not contain actual Cirnos.

So yeah, that's right - you're a wizard or you're going to be making one! If you’re not, then reading this guide will totally be a waste of your time. I'm srs. Get out. Now. These are just overviews of practical builds, giving the pros/cons to them and a very simple layout of how to go about leveling skills. I won't be too specific, as I am not being payed to hold your hand. If you DO want to pay me, I will hold your hand and do various other activities that involve me having my clothes on.

This Guide Contains Dairy Products And:
-Simple Builds
-Must haves
-Ways to pick your final class for level 80
-Bad jokes and terrible memes

~The Elements~

EARTH! ~ Shiny Rock 'n' Roll
  • Attack speed bounces between slow to medium speed(s)
  • Attack range varies (can go as far as water~wind)
  • Cool down rate is slower than wind/water, faster than fire
  • Flashiest element (Shiiiiiny maaaagic)
  • Good for mobbing
  • Stronger than wind/water, weaker than fire
  • SP consumption is less than fire, more than wind/water
  • After you get all 8 main attacks, it becomes the most versatile element

FIRE! ~ it's hot in Topeka
  • Attack speed hovers around medium
  • Attack range is slightly shorter than wind
  • Cool down rate is the slowest out of all the other elements
  • Strongest magic
  • SP consumption is the highest out of all the other elements
  • Very hard to use until mid game (long cool down = gaps of no attacking)

WIND! ~ blowing and hoeing
  • Fastest magic
  • Second fastest cool down rate
  • Second weakest magic
  • Biggest horizontal range
  • SP consumption is less than all the other elements
  • Easiest element to use as it is best for speedy kiting

WATER! ~ be strongest - freeze frogs
  • Second fastest magic
  • Quickest cool down rate
  • Weakest magic
  • Highest vertical range/terrible horizontal range
  • SP consumption is more than wind, less than fire/earth
  • great for soloing if you're bulky
  • 3rd mastery makes healing 10% more potent

HEART! ~ is not an actual element; it's healing skills which are an extension of water
  • Uh... You heal people with Dione/Undine skills from the healing tab
  • Costs a lot of SP
  • There's two branches for healing; one to heal yourself, one to heal others
  • Gets more potent as you get upgrade to the next healing skill
  • Gets stronger with the Final Mastery for water (10% more potent)



~The Builds~

Okay, so just a note... I will tell you what to max/do and in what order to do it. It's up to YOU to judge if you should save points. Each skill tells you what you need before obtaining it and how many points you need - so there's no need for me to tell you the obvious. (I don't like holding people's hands the whole way through)

If there's points left over, which most of the time there are, you can use them on whatever you like. Depending on your build, using extra points on the Final Elemental Mastery, Mind Square, Stone Armor, Wind Walk, Healing skills and/or Elemental Protection would be a great idea. Keep in mind that you can work on more things in between maxing out the necessities.

Elemental Pride

Elemental Prostitute


No Items, Daggers Only, Final Destination

Magical Fisticuffs
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