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Break it up, son.
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Exclamation Random Forum Rules [READ][updated for 2013!]

Random Rules Thread

Greetings, chumps! This is your favorite forum pal and all-around shitty moderator Ethane to lay down the law with this updated rules thread!

----> Keep in mind that the standard /ggFTW forum rules apply here. <----

Rules of Random:
  1. Leave Your dignity at the door, you won't need it here.
  2. Random is a horrible subforum - even the advertising spambots know to avoid this place.
  3. Random is full of horrible posters.
  4. By posting in Random, that makes you a horrible poster.
  5. Nobody cares about your staff position, your precious rep, or your postcount. You are all equally worthless. Especially Ethane.
  6. If you make a good post, someone will ruin it.
  7. If you make a bad post, someone will make it worse.
  8. Random was never good.
  9. Random will never be good.
  10. What happens in Random, stays in Random.

Things that will get you banned:

Any NSFW material including nudity, pornography, vile shock imagery, etc. This includes links to such material. There's another private forum for that sort of filth now. PM Light for information.

Harassment. Flaming is common but if you take it over the line, you're toast. This includes stalking someone on the forum. Keep in mind that mods and admins can see who repped who.

Racism and bigotry. I'm going out on a limb here and trusting your intelligence when it comes to a part of this - but specifically and maliciously insulting someone over their race, gender, sexual orientation, etc just ain't going to happen. Read the "For Dummies" part below. As for racism, it simply is not tolerated. Go burn your crosses somewhere else.

Religious insults. Nobody cares about which deity to patronize, at the same time you better not try to stir up a crusade or jihad. Also, take your Richard Dawkins bullshit back to Reddit, nobody here cares about that either.

Sneaking past the wordfilters. You're not the first person to do this, and it's not cute or funny.

Spamming/abusing tags. Tags are there to aid in searches and the like for people who are smart enough never to step foot into this forum. Mods and admins can see who posted tags, so don't abuse these.

Mischief and shenanigans. this includes discussions of forum raids, hacking, and general all-around stuff that makes people frown.

Importing drama. Nobody cares how big of a jerk your guildmate xXxVegetaRulzxXx is.

Pissing off the mods and admins. They're actually a great bunch of folk who can take a joke, really, but if you really have a problem with our staff then take it to PM. Except Ethane. Feel free to insult him all you want, but if he tells you to stop doing something, well, you better cut it out!

Advertising. Nobody wants the crap you're selling.

Spamming Threads. This wreaks havoc on the latest threads feature for users who are smart enough to never step into this landfill of a subforum.

Being a general blight on the forum. If your goal is to be a rules-skirting detriment on the forum, you're toast. Mind you, it takes a truly dedicated, long-term effort (we're talking months) to be that much of an annoying twit, but we've had one poster manage to do so and he's currently banned.

This list may be updated and modified at any time by any moderator or admin.

The "How Random Works For Dummies" Obligatory Reminder

This forum is for laughs. The Random Crew of posters are also regular, supportive, and contributing members of the rest of the forums. They're also not sperging manchildren with the social graces of an addled 4th grader; so far they've proven to have enough intelligence to know exactly what "unacceptable" and "over the line" is. If that is not you, and mommy still wipes the dribble from your neckbeard while you rage at the internet, this forum isn't for you.


BETTER YET USE THE IMAGE GALLERY THAT WE HAVE HERE! /forum/tutorials/572...ery-guide.html

Things that will get you laughed at:

Frivolous reports/being a crybaby. Don't like the mean jerks in random? Go cry somewhere else.

Crying about your OH SO PRECIOUS REP. oh noes my forum rep whatever will I do

Dropping tired/stupid/worn-out/dead #chan memes. "Fail" was funny about the first 10 million times it was said.

Acting like you're some kind of forum superstar. Read #5 again, and welcome to the great leveling ground.

Being a Furry.

Not Being a Furry.

Claiming you're a "hawt babe".

Intentionally misspelling "hot" as "hawt".

Intentionally misspelling anything like a complete idiot.

addendum: former rules threads available here:

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