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iARE1337 is a jewel in the roughiARE1337 is a jewel in the roughiARE1337 is a jewel in the roughiARE1337 is a jewel in the rough

Hi, I'd hate to nitpick at this guide but you know how it goes ^_^.

First off, your 'Get-up/Rising A' section seems a bit weak in content. You don't mention that you can backdash away or sidestep out.

Secondly, space CMS is by no means a space reset. I know you put it in the 'is not always 100% guaranteed to work' category but it works just as well as a Dash AS Ih landing all lightning hits. It does work however as a mindgame or against people with a trigger-happy wakeup (excluding Tia's and Ryans(?)).
Though this may not be all too significant but, space Windkick works.

Just as an additional thing to add to your half dashing section, I personally don't use the options you listed but instead use something like 6686. It produces the same result as the '664' you listed without the sluggishness of '6646'. For whatever reason it's easier for me to use that.

For your 'Eyeroll/Circle Strafe' thing, you can add ground windmill cancel-esque type movements to keep your opponent on their toes. Something like a A+Space 339 or 993; really any direction works, not just the conventional 90 degrees, you can add more sidestepping or dashing to circle your opponent.

You can also windmill quicker which would produce a decent amount of air; I think about 4 hits of this can give enough air for a D Fist. There's also a somewhat slower one that can be easier to control and maintains height. Then I suppose there's speeds in between all this. Also using a skill after Dash A in a windmill isn't a 'windmill cancel', it's instead what you also put down which is shifting after a windmill.

For your first hits section, you can also use ranged skills such as hurricane sword, CMS, or thundersound to graze or just to throw the opponent off their route and hopefully land a Blow/D Fist(kekeke :]) in their face or a combo.
Nado is great for attempting to make the opponent move where you want, the issue is that if it does fail, you just lost one of your best damaging openers.

Oh one thing, thundersound cancel is extremely helpful in wakeup games or to simply pressure a person.

wait wait wait, how do you start a combo with IMS? Super hax sniping?

I'm also curious on who tested the PvP Berserker Sieg. Level 9 skyslashing with no damaging skill to link with @_@.