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Default Dungeon Fighters Monthly

Time: TBA.
Place: Practice Channel. Room title: DFM.

In case anyone remembers my Battlefield of Duelists monthly tournament from Trickster Online, I've been thinking about making a monthly tournament event on DFO as well. So starting this October, I'll be accepting applicants for the tournament. I've thought it out well and I'll tell you about it.

This will be a team tournament a la King of Fighters. Each team consists of three members and the matches will be done in elimination mode. Matches will be 3 VS 3 so there's room for two spectators (myself and possibly another spectator). Matches will not begin until both teams are ready and there are one or two spectators.

The room the tournament will be held in will be locked and only the teams who are due to fight will be given the password. I may remake as needed, but I doubt I'll really have to, as I'm sure all of you can follow that simple rule (stay out of the room if you're not fighting or the other spectator). Teams in waiting should wait in the tavern.

So yeah, sign up and pick/name your teams (when there are enough members). The format for tournament registration is as follows. The tournament will be on the Cain server. Talk your friends into joining so you can team up with them, too! The tournament will start maybe as early as next month, depending on how soon we get enough applicants.

Class or Subclass:
Approximate Level:

Member List
IGN: Rhinehart
Subclass: Crusader
Approximate Level: 37 (getting closer to 40 now)
IGN: Maso
Subclass: Ranger
Level: About level 30 right now
IGN : Telford
Class : Asura
Approximate Level : I would say 20-25 when this starts
IGN: Fuzzy
Level: 32
Job/Subclass: Pokemon Master Lance (izzat a summoner?)
IGN : Nariko
Current Level : 25
Subclass : Summoner
IGN: Felicity
Level:32 right now (hoping for 35ish)
IGN: Astenhof
Class: Soulbender
Level: 20ish
IGN: Byuun
Class: Striker
Level: 25(probably be higher when this starts)

IGN: Ragun
Class: EXO-Monk
Level: 20ish

IGN: Ruugun
Class: Asura
Level: 18(might be higher)

IGN: ByuuGun
Class: Brawler
Level: 23
IGN: Kidou
Subclass: Striker
Approximate Level: 3x, will be 40 very soon
IGN: Gaiety
Subclass: Battlemage
Approximate Level: Currently 36, probably hitting 40 after a week or so
IGN: Azel
Class: Asura
Level: Probably 30 when this starts
IGN: Gutsy
Class: Grappler
Level: 38 right now.
IGN: Zetsumei
Class or Subclass: Monk
Approximate Level: 35
IGN: TriggersDown
Class or Subclass: Ranger
Approximate Level: Around 35 by the time this happens.
IGN: Lavendre
Class: Grappler
Level: 38
Blade Master
Team Admin (otherwise unnamed): Rhinehart, Maso, Felicity
Now we just need some of these above members to decide on teams.

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