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Originally Posted by zgmfx09a
Akatsuki as A rank? That would be an insult to it's strength. Imo, Akatsuki is the strongest unit in the whole of Destiny, surpassing even Strike Freedom.

But implementing it's mirror coating in the game seems impossible.
lol ok maybe I was underestimating akatsuki. Akatsuki is good but not better than strike freedom(even without kira). The reason I say that is because S.Freedom is only gundam with Akatsuki weakness, a physical weapon. Railguns+no phaseshift armor= just another astray to get blown up in the background.

I guess i can see it being a S rank sense it pretty much had an ifield that reflects. I doubt they would put it into the game tho just because it would require new codeing to have opponents beam weapon come back at them. unless nu gundam does it already (not sure if his pyramid shield reflects). I wouldn't mind having one, but if they make it in the game I hope they don't get lazy and just have beams reflect random directions.