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Managing Your Money

Have you ever found yourself scrounging around for Galders to buy an item you really need but you've already spent your money on useless things? Or perhaps you're crushing after this really cute item but you need the money to buy an important item?

Then welcome to the Trickster Handbooks: The Art of Economizing and Marketing.

No, this isn’t a Legendary Recipe masquerading as my Trickster Handbook.

If you’re like me who spends Galders as fast as they're made, then this guide is for you. We are going to look at various ways of (hopefully) preventing yourself from wasting that hard earned cash!

Step 1. Do I really need it?
This is the question I wish I had asked myself many times before buying something from a shop. If you’re having trouble keeping this in mind, try writing it on your hand and try to remember to hold said hand to your face before buying the item. Alternately, you could scribble it down and stick the note on your computer.

Step 2. Events!
Try doing events yourself rather than being lazy and just buying the items. Why not gather a bunch of your friends together and have a drilling or hunting party? You can also sell off any extra quest items left over for money. If you have plenty of items to get multiple event rewards, you sell these afterwards. Event items have the potential to become popular after several months.

Step 3. Buy low, sell high.
You’ve all heard of this one. This isn’t really economizing, but it’s still a good habit to develop, especially if they’re items everyone wants!

Step 4. Keep track of 'fads'!
This is pretty easy to do: simply follow the forums! After maintenance, watch out for items that people are raving about. These items are sure to become popular, and acquiring many of these for reselling can make you a lot of money.

This Sheep is ardently economizing. By not doing anything.

Step 5. Time investments.
Take the time to make a character that performs certain tasks better and/or earlier than other characters. The first character to come to mind is a Fox. With DA buffs and Basic Detection/Item Detector, these Explorers make that pesky drilling much more bearable. Plus, Foxes can get Heavy Carrier for those few more precious items.

Next is the AoE extravaganza, the Sheep. These girls gain amazing AoEs earlier than any class and as such are one of the fastest levelers and item gatherers. They also work great as a main character.

And lastly, the Bunny. These cute killing machines can, even without amazing gear, do ridiculous damage. They really do make killing those bosses for their uniques much easier.

Most important thing for drilling: The Drill.

Step 6. Instant Gratification or Delayed Fortune?
The age old choice: Should you sell lower to sell items faster, or sell at the average price? It really depends on how much money you have. If you’re in desperate need of Galders, then the former is your friend. But if you have some to live on, I highly recommend the latter. It may take awhile, but you do gain more buck for your bang.

Step 7. Know your Level Up boxes!
These goodies are certainly an incentive to grind, especially since most people seem to be buying them at good prices. The wiki has as a link in it, but if you’re too lazy to check which to sell, here you go: Lv. Up Boxes, Level 40 GB, Level 100 GB, Level 140 GB, and Level 180.

Step 8. Popular quests.
Things like the dreaded Panacea, daily quests and card quests are decent items to collect and sell for some nice money. Simply stock up on popular cards or items and leave your shop overnight.

Step 9. Look in the Market section.
Scour the personal markets and the like, in case people want your left-over quest items. Also, remember to use the Bulletin Board feature in Trickster as well. (Even if it wasn’t even designed for that purpose!)

Of course, there’s the Mega market section you should always check!

Step 10. Patience is a Virtue.
The key to success. If you find yourself getting bored while farming items, dragging friends along with you can be an excellent distraction. Play music, listen to Books on CD, or watch TV out of the corner of your eye. These aren’t the only things you can do; try doing a variety of things to see which provides the great distraction. And of course, remember that the more you get the more money that is.

Disclaimer: The article above and opinions expressed are those solely of the writer, and not of MMOG or any of the staff.

Written by Mirei

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