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Liveblog Test

Greetings!  This is a test of the new liveblog system. This article will be updated through the ...

April 22nd

Top 10 MMO Games Starting 2010

Looking for a game to start playing in 2010? It's been a couple of months since we at /gg FTW! ...

January 5th

The "Gameplay" Myth

You'll never hear "it's not how fast a car goes, but how it handles" by a race fan at Indianapolis. ...

December 1st

Game Masters and Professionalism

Ah, our beloved GMs. Game Masters are the ones that are rarely praised when things go right, often ...

November 25th

HAHA! Pwned by Ntreev!

For many players the frustration with seeing cheaters prosper is almost too much to take.  ...

November 23rd

A Harvest of Tears: 3 Hilarious Tales of Grief

For the new and uninitiated, "griefing" in an MMO is the willful act of ruining someone else's fun ...

November 23rd

YAAM Killed the MMO Star

Cycle: New game comes out. People get excited. People play. People get bored. New game comes out. ...

November 20th

Stupid MMO Tricks: Godmode for All

Leave it to one of our favorite F2P MMO publishers to provide entertainment for everyone. ...

November 19th

WoW Transforms Man into Serial Killer

New investigations have unearthed the truth about a man wanted for killing hundreds. While it was ...

November 19th

Dragonica: Another World of Warcraft Clone

Many have succeeded; all have failed.  The gaming industry continues to pump out new MMO games in ...

November 18th

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