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What is ggFTW?

ggFTW is an MMORPG Community managed by Gavist Media headquartered in San Jose, CA and moderated by an all volunteer staff. ggFTW spun off from a Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) fansite in June, 2008. During Q3 of 2008 ggFTW (formerly named MyMMOGames) acquired three additional fansites broadening its scope. Since the spin-off, ggFTW has become a leading provider of MMO game community services. ggFTW offers a comprehensive game database, client downloads, game ratings, and game news to visitors as well as a wide array of community services.

I'm a player. Why should I use ggFTW?

First and foremost, ggFTW is free to use and we all like free stuff! Seriously, we have many good reasons why you should use ggFTW. Some require registration and some do not but all of them should be useful for gamers:

  • MMORPG Game List: Looking for a new game? Check out our game list. You can get an overview of the game, community rating, screenshots, videos, news, reviews, and guides for more than 500 MMO and browser-based games.
  • MMORPG News: We collect MMO news from a few sources including some direct, exclusive updates direct from the game publishers. Most updates for the hottest new MMO games can be found here and we’ve conveniently added links to other news, ratings, videos, and events in our news articles.
  • Free Cash Shop: This one requires registration and a bit of effort, but ggFTW provides you a legal way to get G Coins, NX, gPotatos, or other cash shop points for your favorite games. Write a review, refer friends, or participate in ggFTW events and you'll be styling in no time.
  • MMO Video Reviews: This one's a bit new. Get a glimpse at the first 10 minutes of gameplay for a potential new game or an in-depth look at interesting game systems. Played and narrated by NoeJeko.
  • Beta and Event Keys: Looking to get into that hot new closed beta? ggFTW may just have your ticket~
  • MMO Forums: Discuss your next guild event, show off your hax equips, or make new friends in the most active MMO forums on the Internet.
  • Player Blogs: Want to keep a log of your gameplay or just live in general? Start your own blog at ggFTW.
  • MMO Wikis: ggFTW hosts a few rather detailed wiki databases for select games. Find the info you need or help out and become a contributor.

As you can see, the better question may be "Why shouldn't I use ggFTW?" We have tons to do here and we're always adding more. Have a suggestion for us? Drop us a note in our Questions, Feedback, & Suggestions forum. We like to hear your feedback.

I'm a game publisher. How can ggFTW help me promote my games?

Basically, through the same channels mentioned above plus paid advertising. We do have specific information pages for MMO game publishers and advertisers with contact forms for getting in touch with us. More than 11,000 unique players view ggFTW each game. We want to help them see your game; find out how we can help today.

So what's next?

If you're a player, the next step would be to register and start participating in the most active MMO community on the net.

If you're a publisher, contact us and see what we can do for you.


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